Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Do I get bonus points for my weekend wrap-up being on time and posted on Monday?
Cause this one is totally on time and I'm feeling pretty good about it.
Although, right now I'm blogging instead of homeworking. 
So while my blog might be on time, my homework may not be. 
And the bad part is, I don't even really care.
You can read about that HERE.
...oh, and for the record...18 days 'til graduation.

Moving on.

I had a really fun Saturday that included hanging out with my friend and coworker, Quan. 
She's leaving me soon to go back home to China and I'm really upset about it. ...but I told her I won't give her a guilt trip about it until her last day.
Anyway, she took me to have dim sum at a local Chinese restaurant, and it was delish! I don't really know exactly what I ate, considering I've never done dim sum before and told her to order all the food.
And she did.
In Mandarin.
And since I don't really speak Mandarin, I don't really know what she ordered.
Hopefully something with shrimp, cause I told her I like shrimp. 
After we got our first pot of food I was excited to dig in...only then did I notice there was no silverware on the table.
Just chopsticks.
"Umm Quan? I'm pretty sure I don't know how to use these things."
She directed me to the counter where I could find a fork and a knife.
After I sat back down she goes, "there's lots of white people that come here too."
Translation: you're not the only one that can't use chopsticks.
Thanks Quan. I appreciate that. 

Saturday night I hung out on the patio to enjoy some nice weather, some solitude, and some quality blog time. 
You can read my post from this weekend HERE.
I wasn't sure I wanted to post it..cause it's kind of serious. And emotional, and all touchy-feely.
And serious, emotional, touchy-feely things make me uncomfortable. 
But oh well. I already hit the "publish" button on that one.

Sunday included:
1.) Breakfast at The Good Egg...if you don't have a Good Egg in your neck of the woods, 
I feel bad for you.
2.) Target
3.) Home Depot
...cause it's not really the weekend without a trip to Home Depot, right?
4.) Pool time
...for the dogs.
Technically they went swimming earlier this year, but it was mostly because they needed a bath and Nate and I were too lazy to give them one. So we said, hey, go jump in the pool.
So Sunday they were excited to actually swim around and play ball for the first time this season!
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So you know, it was a good weekend.

Happy Monday!


  1. I am really jealous of this pool situation that is quickly available to you! Not nice!

  2. what cute pups, and awesome pool!

  3. I too am really jealous about the pool! I'd die for one.. literally haha

  4. Our little bugger went in the pool too this weekend! We have some pretty fantastic weather her in AZ don't we :)

    And I hope you are voting for the new Sparky Miss Riss!



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