Thursday, April 4, 2013

Golden Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary.
My anniversary, or our anniversary?
Either way, it's golden.
Cause it's our 4 year anniversary on 4/4. 

I'm on a roll this year, first my golden birthday (26 on the 26th) and now my golden wedding anniversary (4 years on 4/4).

And since I'm on vacation, celebrating said anniversary, this post is gonna be short and sweet.

Check out wedding stuff here
Check out reasons why I love my husband here

Later skaters.


  1. love you guys! Happy Golden Anniversary!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!! I hope it was wonderful :)

  3. Happy anniversary!! I love the picture!!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary! :) :)
    I hope y'all have a great time!

  5. So precious!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. First of all Happy Anniversary my dear; your wedding photos are fantabulous. Second of all, I was reading all the reasons that you love your hubby and I think I may have found Paul's new best friend...I'm not kidding you, he insisted that I carry a taser with me throughout my graduate school career and got mad when he found out I didn't have it with me at work. Tell your hubs if he ever needs a hunting partner my man is down!

    1. Thanks Michelle!! ...hahaha, and I totally will! Too funny!! =)

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  8. Happy (late) anniversary!! And that picture is so cute! Love the sunflowers!



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