Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anniversary Vacay Part II

Remember that one time I started telling you about our anniversary vacation and never finished?

Let's finish, shall we?

Check out part I HERE

So after Carlsbad we drove a few hours to Las Cruces where the concert was. But before we went to the show Saturday night, we first visited the White Sands National Monument.
What is the White Sands National Monument you might ask?...
...I took that from their website so I didn't have to try and explain it.
When I told Nate about it at first he's like, "wait, what is it?"
and I was like,
"I dunno, white gypsies used to live there or something."
So you know, I'm really good at describing things.

Anyway, you can either drive through the park, walk through the park, or for those of us that are indecisive you can do a little bit of both and follow the signs that say "park your car here and walk around a little bit." ...or something like that. 
So we did.
Kinda looks like the beach right?!

It was pretty cool, and pretty vast. 
There were picnic tables where you could sit and eat lunch, and some families were even sliding down the dunes in those disc thingy's you usually see in the snow. 
BUT, since we had places to go and people to see (namely George Strait), 
we didn't make a day out of it.
Instead, we headed back to the hotel, freshened up a bit, had dinner, and headed out to New Mexico State University to see the king of country music!

Martina McBride opened up for George, which honestly, I was pretty indifferent about. I really liked her older stuff, but haven't really been into her for the past few years. 
BUT...I think I changed my mind.
She. Is. Amazeballs.

Her voice is amazing live...girlfriend's got some serious pipes.

When George Strait finally came was even more amazeballs.
He walked out onto his stage with nothing but a spotlight. 
No fancy entrance, no pyrotechnics...just George.
And everybody went nuts!
I will say, it was different than any other concert I've been to. Being in the same place, and watching this person that has had so much success over such a long period of time - there's this respect in the air, if you will, that I've not sensed at any other show I've been to.
Everyone knows we're watching a legend.
And every time he came to your corner of the stage, you stood on your feet.
Kinda like in a courtroom, when the judge walks into the room and the bailiff  says, "all rise."
When George walks rise.
He didn't play my favorite song, "Run," but I suppose I can't really blame him.
When you have 12308547303885763 hit songs and you've been playing for 30 years, I guess there comes a point when you can't fit them all into your shows anymore.
However, he did play Nate's favorite, "Amarillo by Morning"...

He definitely put on an awesome show and it was totally worth the drive out to New Mexico.
There were no crazy props, no costume changes, no smoke, no lasers, no distractions.
Just George and his guitar.
Just the way I like it. 


  1. You had me tricked..I thought it was the beach and that concert looks amazing! Lucky duck!

  2. OMG! I would LOVE LOVE to see him in concert... the way REAL country music is displayed! Live, no fancy sh-mancy stuff, just his voice, his guitar, and maybe the band. WOW!! Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing your fun trip love! Way to be adventurous in those dunes too might I add ;)

  3. Whoa - totally looks like the beach!! And oh George. I love him.

  4. I love the photos from the "beach." It looks so peaceful!



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