Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We interrupt this broadcast Christmas season to bring you a word from our sponsors Thanksgiving.

I realize everyone is in Christmas mode right now (rightfully so), but I'd like to take a few steps back so I can post about my Thanksgiving.
Cause I haven't yet.
Cause I'm always on top of my blogging like that.

Anyway, another year, another Thanksgiving.
Another week of Facebook "I'm-thankful-for" status updates behind us.
Another day of pure and uninhibited gluttony under our belts (quite literally).

My Thanksgiving this year was fabulous, as usual. We even had extra family in from out of town which made it even more fabulous.

After everyone was done eating, per the usual...the boys went outside and threw things at each other.
No really.
Last year my husband, my sister's fiancee, and my two cousins went outside to play cornhole. Except by the end of the game they were throwing the bean bags at each other instead of into the cornhole (cornhole?).
(See last years' events here)
So since the cornhole game is broken (per last years' events), the boys had to find something else to throw at each other.
So that's what they did.
They ran around the backyard throwing balls at each other in some version of a dodgeball-like game.

After that we all sat outside on the patio talking about what we're thankful for conspiracy theories.
Mermaids, chem-trails, big foot, you name it, we discussed it.

After that we took some family pictures.
Which started out nice and normal:

And ended, well... pretty normal: 

Food, dodgeball, conspiracy theories, and cuh-ray-zee family photos make for a pretty dang good Thanksgiving.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming Christmas season



  1. Looks like an awesome time!! Hilarious pics!

    1. Thanks Erin! Definitely a good time! haha!

  2. Love love your pics!They are so cute!!! Quan

  3. I love your family pictures! They are definitely some framers!



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