Friday, December 7, 2012


It's been a while since I've done my favorite weekly link-up, and since I've managed to run out of time for the last like, 5 Fridays, I made sure to make time for a post this week!

So without further ado, I give high five for Friday.

1.) Last weekend I had a couple of my favorite ladies Sarahita and Stephanie over to my house for dinner. I cooked (I know, it probably won't happen again for another 6 months), we ate, we drank, we discussed the important issues of the day (i.e. why Halle Berry has man problems, Mariah Carey's biracial-ness, and my lack of gay-dar), we introduced Stephanie to Nutella (she liked it), and as always, we laughed.

2.) We decorated the office for Christmas this week
Considering all we had to go on was an 8 year old artificial tree, a hodge podge of old bulbs, and a handful of candy canes, I'd say we did pretty good.
The bow on top is my own personal touch...if I do say so myself.

3.) The dogs got their Christmas collars from grammy this week, so they're looking extra festive
Although, they're always looking festive, with cute faces like these.

4.) Thursday was the conclusion of one out of two classes remaining this semester.
One research paper and power point presentation to go, and come Tuesday I can wash my hands of another semester of grad school.
And then the countdown to graduation begins!!

5.) And last but not least...I daresay I left the best for last.
Drum roll please...
The Duck Dynasty Christmas Special!!!
And there's really nothing else to say.
Besides I love Si.
And I really love him as an elf.

Happy Friday Jack!


  1. I love your dogs and their collars! Adorable. :) I've been meaning to buy our dog something festive... Maybe a Christmas sweater. Ha.


  2. OMG I love Duck Dynasty too! So hilarious! I'm so glad I saw your blog on #H54F! Hope you have a great weekend!

    LFK @ Bmore Domestic (your newest follower)

  3. i love duck dynasty & your story! so cute... glad you stopped by my blog :)


    1. Thanks Emma! Glad you stopped by too! =)

  4. those dog collars are too precious! i want one for my little pup! and yes...couldn't agree more about duck dynasty. literally my FAVORITE show ever haha :)

  5. I love everything Christmas about your week, especially the impromptu tree! Your blog is so cute, glad you found me on #H54F

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Glad you stopped by! =)

  6. Your dogs are so adorable! Congrats on making it through another semester!! Have a fantastic weekend:)



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