Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School's out for...Winter

Stick a fork in it.
I've turned in my last paper and this semester of school is officially over!!
...it's actually been over since last Tuesday, but I get tired of always starting out my posts with how late I am on blogging things.
If this were Instagram, or Twitter or something, I'd be like: [hashtag]fail.

Since school is over now, I am in full holiday mode. I have two nights of the week back in my possession to do whatever I please with them. 
I plan to spend my Thursday nights watching new episodes of the Big Bang Theory instead of sitting in a classroom until 9 o'clock at night talking about public works, municipal services, and how local government needs to get more creative in their service delivery.

I intend to spend my Tuesday nights watching the Phoenix Suns play basketball instead of getting the game updates on my phone because I'm sitting in a classroom talking about civic engagement, public decision making, and the city of Phoenix in all its 1980s glory.
I'll spend my Tuesday afternoons at my job actually doing work instead of writing my reading response (that I haven't done the reading for) due at 6pm before class.

I can now leave work and not have to think twice about what day of the week it is, and therefore, what route I need to take to either go home or go to campus for class.

Any writing that I do will be for this here blog, not a midterm paper, or a final paper, or a city council communications memo - and it certainly will not be in APA Style with any sort of footnotes or reference page. 
I plan to read my Better Homes and Gardens magazines to get quick and easy holiday tips, instead of reading academic journals or peer reviewed articles researching the importance of festivals and celebrations to a community... or any myriad of other issues for that matter.

And lastly, instead of counting down the days until the semester is over, 
the countdown 'til Christmas is now in full effect!


  1. This is so exciting!! The end of a semester is such a relief :) how many more do you have left?? :)



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