Sunday, December 4, 2011

Parade of Lights

So I've been having a hard time accepting that the holiday season is in fact, finally here. For some reason, it just hasn't felt like it yet...probably because school and internship hasn't ended yet and I've been so worried about wrapping those up that I haven't been able to enjoy the start of the holidays yet.  So in order to help get into the Christmas mood I decided we needed to do something Christmas-y. So I called up our dear friends the Lindholms and we decided to go to the Tumbleweed Christmas Tree lighting ceremony/parade in downtown Chandler! This year was the 55th anniversary of the event and I, a native of not only AZ, but also Chandler, have never been to this event! 
It was cloudy, a forecast of rain, and particularly cold, but definitely fun and helped me get excited for Christmas!
 The lovely Lindholms...and my favorite little mini-Lindholm!
They have this "Parade of Lights" where different organizations/clubs in the Chandler community can build floats and there's a contest where they can win prizes for certain categories. They had a bunch of dance companies where these cute little girls would shake there pom-pons (yes, it's pom-PON) with their curly pony tail hair pieces, and we told Kenzie to get ready, cause that would be her in a few years...she just laughed at us.

It had started to lightly sprinkle, or as Kenny's mom likes to put it, "Apache rain"...a patch here, a patch there...hehe...get it?!

Anyway, the first bout of rain (or rather, sprinkles) didn't come down very hard and eventually let up. But later, almost to the end of the parade it really started to come down and it wasn't letting up... and suddenly it was like, Armageddon or something. You would think that these people were going to melt! They were scooping up their lawn chairs cutting across the parade, screaming at their kids "let's go let's go let's go! Hustle!!" ...It was actually quite funny. We weren't really prepared for the rain either...except for Nathan of course, who's prepared for anything- who made sure to let us know that not only was his jacket water-proof but...are you ready for this? "Blood-born pathogen-proof." 


Anyway, we eventually had to leave too, cause we didn't want mini-Lindholm to get sick. 
...that and plus Kenny, Kayla, nor I had rain OR blood-born pathogen-proof jackets, so we missed the actual tree-lighting and opted to stay dry instead. Oh well, can't win 'em all can ya? It was certainly fun while it lasted! 
Despite the rain, the evening certainly helped me get pumped up for Christmas!

On another, slightly less un-related note:
check out my cool new slippers
(Thanks Audrey!)
pink AND polk-dot.
Take that blood-born pathogen-proof jacket

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