Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

Here's the thing, my family and I went up North last weekend and I'm just now getting to blogging it because, quite frankly, it was so freakin' fun that I'm afraid I just won't be able to recapture the awesome-ness of it all via this blog. 

So here goes nothin'...

My mom and I have wanted to go up to the Sedona Christmas lights for a couple years now, and low-and-behold everyone's schedules coordinated ever so perfectly this year that we finally made it happen!
Woop Woop!
So we packed up and away we went!

Bonus points: My mom and I sat in the back on the way up and she taught me how to make totally cool Christmas bows so I can adorn my Christmas tree and Christmas packages with  them
Someday I will be as talented as she is.

Once we got there we had some daylight to burn before it was Christmas light time so I suggested we go to the Chapel of the Holy know, the big huge cross that sticks out of the red rocks?! Never been there, always wanted to, sounds like  a winner winner chicken dinner!

However, I must add that before we took off we needed to determine the whereabouts of Audrey and Adam, since they drove up separately (Adam sure did miss out on our bow-making sesh...his loss). My mom texts Audrey to ask where she is, Audrey replies with "65 miles."
Roughly 10 minutes later my mom gets another text from Audrey that reads,
"5 minutes away."
Hmmm...this could mean 1 of 3 things:
1.) Adam drives reeeeeealy fast
2.) Audrey is terrible at guestimating approximate arrival times
3.) Audrey and Adam went Harry Potter on us and Apparated up to Sedona. 
Clearly, it was the latter.

Moving on.  

2 words:

After we checked out the Chapel we headed to downtown Sedona for a late lunch/early dinner and walked around a few of the shops. We stopped in this really fancy shop with really expensive Christmas decorations everywhere; they were SO pretty but SO expensive. One of the sales guys approaches Nate and sees the fish hook on his hat and asks him if he fishes, cause he 
"has this great ornament that's so cute! It's a fishing Santa! Come...look!"
After we left Nate's like,
"Do I LOOK like the kind of guy that wants to buy a Christmas ornament??"
I suppose there's some truth to that statement.

When it got dark we were finally ready for the Red Rock Fantasy!

Woop Woop!
The Red Rock Fantasy is a display of lights with over 1 million of them! I didn't realize it until we got there, but it's actually a residential community, and all the residents create these elaborate displays in their yards, lots, on the sides of their walls, doorsteps, etc. etc. It's pretty impressive...really impressive actually. And you can vote on which one you like the best, so there's an element of competition to it for the residents/community. There's every kind of display imaginable with any kind of theme you can think of!
Polar Express anyone?
 This one is for the Lindholms!
I'm not sure which display actually won, but all of them were truly impressive!

The end of the display takes you to a sports bar and grill where we decided to stop and eat and have a few drinks. The girls chatted and the boys played pool, with some talk of men giving birth to babies in between.

I know what you're thinking...and yes, it was weird, but so dang funny.
We all lost it when my dad followed after a waiter with his pregnant belly out after being startled by him.
Trust me, you just had to be there.
Let's just say the pregnant man-belly was the theme for the rest of the weekend. That and, does anyone else watch Big Bang Theory? Sheldon always does this:

Our room and our parents room were right next to each other connected by an adjoining you can guess what ensued.

Knock knock knock MAMA
Knock knock knock MAMA
Knock knock knock MAMA
and so on and so forth. 

We finally all called it a night, but not after some additional comedy, and pictures that probably wouldn't be suitable for the internet. ...Don't worry, I got your back daddy.

For some reason Nate thinks I sound like this:


The next day we wanted to go up to Flagstaff the play in the snow before we headed home. Adam was kind enough to bring some tubes and the weather was perfect!
Who's ready to play in the snow??

This Michigander was totally in her element
BY FAR, worst part of the day was that I didn't have snow boots and the boots that I was wearing had ZERO traction, and half the time I couldn't even climb back up the hill without falling and making a scene.
Tragic, I know.

And what is a day of playing in the snow without making a snow man?
This picture was taken after all inappropriate body parts were removed (thanks Nate and Adam)

After some family pictures we packed up and headed out!

 Gotta get them big arms in there!

On the way out it started for real snowing, like out-of-a-movie snowing. I mean, I've seen sleet, hail, little flurries, but I've never seen any snow fall out of the sky like it did that afternoon...I didn't want to leave!!!
We decided to stop and have lunch and as soon as I got out of the truck I did a snow dance...and all I could get out was, "It's snowing!! It's snowing!!"

It was seriously, so cool. 
Like...SO cool.

Best way to end the best weekend.

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  1. Omg!!!!!!! That looker like awonderful weekend indeed!!!!! Now you know why i love the snow so much!!!! It's that first beautiful snowfall that takes your breath away!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!



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