Friday, December 16, 2011

Mess of Thought

I was thinking I wanted to blog today but I couldn't really think of anything to blog about. ...but I really wanted to blog. you can see why this was giving me a complex.
So I decided to blog anyway and just figured I would write down random things and you, the home reader, may just have to deal with the lack of organizational thought and its written reflection. 

In honor of my first day off with no internship, no work, no school, and no homework, I wanted to repost this thing I found on pinterest...which is pretty much what my day looks like:
Except disregard the "winning" because I hate when people quote Charlie Sheen, and my theory is anyone who quotes Charlie Sheen is NOT "winning."

Gunther keeps staring at me and whining, and I can't figure out why because he was already fed this morning, he has water in the water dish, the doggy door is open so he can come and go as he pleases, so I just don't know what he wants. ...which is just further confirmation that I do not want a baby right now because Gunther's furry face and soft whining is much more tolerable than a wailing baby with so many more variables as to what might be making it cry.

Things I'm diggin' right now
-T-Swift's new video. 
Definitely tugs on the heart strings a bit cause I totally know what this feels like

Ours - Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift Videos

- Phoenix Suns new logo/ad campaign
Pretty BA and gets me totally pumped up for the new (albeit short) season. Steve Nash is still here and Grant Hill resigned for another year.

-This new dessert I concocted

 = Dee-freakin'-lish

So last night Nate and I were going over how each of our days went, and then right before we fell asleep he goes,
"Oh yeah, and I killed a fly with my knife...I sliced it right out of the air."


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  1. hahah!! I love random blog posts about random daily life events!!! and I love your apple crisp + ice cream!!! so creative and hilarious! and Touche on the baby bit. I have moments where my uterus tugs at my heart strings... but thats as far as it goes for now :) xoxo



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