Monday, September 29, 2014

Wait, It's Almost October?

It's weird because the more I force myself to start blogging again the more I notice I'm starting to employ my former homework stall tactics: check FB, check Insta, scroll through Twitter, see if anything good is on the Bravo network, make the dogs give me high fives, pour a glass of wine (homework and wine go together right?), Snapchat my glass of wine, etc. etc. and so forth. This really prolongs the blogging process if I'm not careful. For example I sat down here tonight just after 6 to try and's almost 8 now. In my defense though, my iOS 8 download was being a real bish and required my attention for like, 10 hours. I'm being dramatic, but part of me feels like it really did take that long. 

Anyway, now that I'm done blogging summer (if you missed it, read here, here, and here) I feel like I can officially get into Fall mode. It's gotten off to a good start, that's for sure.

It took me a while, but I finally got my Halloween decorations up.
It took me a while because I feel like you have to give your house a good cleaning before you put up your seasonal decor and well, we all know how I feel about house cleaning. So I was procrastinating cleaning things which in turn delayed the decorating of things. I finally got the rest of it up this weekend, but I'm still ahead of schedule right? So it's whatevs.

Beyond just decorating for fall, the fall weather is starting, albeit ever so slowly, to come around. Fall weather, or maybe more realistically, weather that's not 115 degrees, makes the concert-going experience much more enjoyable. Outdoor concerts, that is. For example, a couple weekends ago I went to see Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean in concert and it was an awesome time for three reasons:
1.) Florida Georgia Line
2.) Jason Aldean
3.) It wasn't 115 degrees
I was on a little bit of a boycott of country music for a while there because it was soooo annoying and super generic...and that's coming from a girl whose favorite music is country; but I feel like there's new stuff coming out and new stuff (finally!) on the radio so I've been coming around to it more often. Binge listening to Jason Aldean's old stuff before the concert actually kind of made me miss him.
In hindsight, there's only like three songs on his latest CD that were dumb and rap-ish and I'm wondering if maybe I over-generalized his douchey-ness. I dunno though cause "Burnin' it Down" is pretty bad. But maybe the rest of his new stuff will be better.

Speaking of better country music, if you haven't already, puh-lease go by Tim McGraw's new one.
It's good. It's quality. It's Classic Tim. Thanks Tim, for restoring my faith in today's main stream country music.

You know who else can restore my faith in things? Paul Goldschmidt. After an awful season of baseball, I finally got the bobble head of all bobble heads: Paul Goldschmidt.
...And suddenly everything is ok and I forget that we had the worst record in all of baseball. THE WORST. But it's ok because, Goldy. We spent our last game at the ballpark this season in his presence. Or, his bobble head's presence. Which is basically the same thing.
I'm sad there will be no Dbacks baseball in the fall but I'm happy the bleeding has finally stopped. Cause that was a painful season.

And with that, I think my life is finally caught up on this here blog of mine. So see ya in another 2 months. Just kidding. I think. If this were a text message I'd put a little winky face emoji here.

See ya September! Helloooooo October!

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  1. Yay for decorations! And October means coming to see me so yay to that too!

  2. wait, I thought the Rangers had the worst record in baseball? Oh well. I can't believe tomorrow is OCTOBER and I'm SOOO EXCITED!!!! :) :) :) Happy Fall!!!

  3. I'm not digging the new country style either. Me likey Tim and George and Reba!!!!

  4. Have you heard Carrie Underwood's new song? OBBBBBsessed.
    And Lady Antebellum's new album is out, so I'm about to bust that open in Spotify as we speak.
    But why does Jason Aldean have all these raps and stuff now? It's a little annoying...

  5. Ohhhh hiiiii! I love your Halloween decor. I must start buying or I will never catch up :)



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