Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Recap 2nd Edition: Things That Don't Make Sense

If you missed the first edition of my summer recap(s) you can find it here. There's catfish in it. And stuff. So go take a peeksy.

Onto the 2nd edition of summer fun that never made it onto le blog. There's lots of things that don't make sense in this world. For example:
Bad jokes.
Kanye West.
Really hard math.
...and also, Potato Lake.

I'd never been to, nor heard of, Potato Lake in Arizona until last month. I wanted to go some place new over the weekend so I picked up my handy dandy "Water Edition" of Arizona Highways Magazine (which, if you live in AZ do yourself a favor and buy this Edition every summer. You won't regret it) and stumbled upon Potato Lake.

Potato Lake doesn't make sense cause umm, this is a lake??

I guess it used to be like, a lake lake, but there was some issues or changes in the drainage or water flow or something causing it to shrink significantly in size over time. I didn't read all the back story like Nate did, I was just like "Woooo day trip! Let's goooo!" So that's what we did. We loaded up the dogs and made the drive up north for the day.

The idea was to have like, a picnic-ish kind of thing and just kind of hang out and explore all day but it rained almost the whole way there and never really let up. Even so, I wasn't going to complain cause,
1.) I love rain
2.) I love rain a lot
3.) 59 degrees in August???
...and lastly, 4.)
It's literally impossible to complain when there's wine. Duck Commander wine. With a pink label. And plus the rain was making for this like, haze over everything and it gave the place a very Forbidden Forrest type of vibe. Which I also wouldn't complain about cause duh, Harry Potter.

As soon as we let the dogs out of the truck Maycee, ignoring all commands, made a bee-line for the water line which conveniently was also suuuuper muddy. So she got in trouble and had to be washed off before she could get back in the truck.
And then Nate gave her the silent treatment the whole way home.

But even despite the rain and Maycee being a bad girl and getting mud all over the inside of the truck, Potato Lake - while its name is certainly confusing and possibly false advertisement, it was such a fun day. Some things may not make sense, but they still make for a lot of fun.
...that was a cheesy way to end this post but I couldn't think of any other way to do it. So yeah.

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  1. And I know that silent treatment gets to Maycee every time!!!

  2. What a great day trip. I love your photos too. Maycee is like any dog, when there is mud they have to go in it. Can't hate her for that.

  3. I really want to try Duck Commander wine but it's not available in Canada! :(



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