Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer Recap 3rd Edition: Blog Fraans

When people ask "What's your favorite thing about blogging?" the cliche answer is usually, "the people you meet!" Even though it's cliche, it's 100% true. This year I've been fortunate enough to forge a handful of blog-friendships turned real-life-friendships. Two of those being Kailey from Hey Kai, and Brianna from Endlessly Beloved. I probably talk about them too much, like here and here, but whatevs; I'm gonna talk about them again. Cause it fits nicely into my summer recap theme.

Since Brianna spent most of the summer in Montana, we didn't get to see her as often, so we made sure to Skype over the summer...
There's usually wine involved. Actually, what I really mean is there's always wine involved. Cause virtual happy hours are the best kind of happy hours right?

Kailey and I got in some good pool time while Brianna was away. We Snapchatted her the whole time though, so it was basically like she was there.

We also got in a good day's worth of slip n sliding, cause that's been on my summer bucket list for like 2 years now. And every time I bring it up to Nate he's like, "Who's gonna slip n slide with you?" And I'm like, "You!" And then he's like, "I'm not doing that. Sorry." I dunno what he's got against slip n slides, but it worked out for the better cause Kailey and I slipped n slid our little hearts out. ...And queue photo dump:
Ages 5-12...
The dogs weren't just gonna sit there and not join in...
Go big or go home...
 Kailey's super graceful, we discovered.
 Buying a slip n slide might've been the best decision I made all summer.

Once Brianna finally got back in town Kailey and I made our way down to Tucson to spend the last weekend of summer with her.
First stop, In N Out.
There's no In N Out's in Montana so needless to say, Brianna had a long summer. Post In N Out, what better way to end the summer than with blog-friends-turned-real-life-friends and fireball. And Cards Against Humanity.
How do you play Cards Against Humanity with only three people?? You do. It works. Just trust me. A few rounds in we started to dissolve into a puddle of Fireball, and laughter, and Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love...
After a while, Kailey disappeared to the bathroom and like, never came out. Brianna and I got concerned and kept knocking on the bathroom door to see if she was in there. I said, "Kailey, knock three times if you're still alive" and she knocked three times. So my due diligence as a friend to make sure she was still alive was fulfilled. Shortly thereafter we received this Snap...
It's probably my favorite picture from the whole weekend. Kailey crashed before Brianna and I, and oddly enough, considering the amount of Fireball consumption from the night, we fell asleep discussing health insurance. So you know, that's normal right?

The next day we tried to get in some pool time buuuuuut Brianna lives in a student housing complex and it was clear there was a party the night before. i.e. it was filthy and the pool water looked nasty.
So we ended up just lounging around her apartment together for the rest of the day. Which was fine by me. Cause after an awesome summer, being lazy with some of my bff's was much needed.

And I think that about wraps up summer, for the most part. It was a good one with lots of fun, sun, drinks, and bathing suits. Here's to an even better Fall season! Cheers!

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  1. OMG - this is a hoot!!! I can't stop laughing at the pics!!!

  2. I love that you've made such good friends! Your pictures are hilaaarious! I totally understand the need for In-N-Out. It's DELISH! Happy Monday!

  3. okay really that snapchat from while i was in the bathroom. also i knocked 3 times on the toilet. also im sad my fireball stayed in Tucson. also can we do it again



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