Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This One Has No Title Cause I Can't Think of a Good One

Hey guys. You wanna know what's almost as hard as ending a blog post? Starting one. Which is why this post is starting out this way. Cause I don't know how else to do it. Also, I think in the entire 2 or 3 or however many years I've had this blog now, this is the first time I'm sitting down and writing without knowing what I'm gonna write about. It feels a little risky. You know like, living life on the edge or something. I dunno what I'm blogging about but I'm blogging anyway! So risky!...... Ugh, I know, if that's "life on the edge" for me I'm a terribly lame person. Whatever.

Believe it or not I actually had a few ideas of things to blog about tonight, but then something happened this afternoon at the grocery store that really put me off and I wasn't really in the mood anymore to blog about said ideas. So then I wanted to write about what happened, but I'm not sure if I have the nerve to write about what happened cause, er, well, it's kind of controversial. Ok fine, I won't be that annoying blogger that's all vague and tries to tell you things without telling you things (I hate that), it involved guns. Well, just one actually. No one got shot. There was no crime scene. No laws were even broken (per say), but in order to write that post I would have to express my humble opinion on guns and the 2nd Amendment and well, quite frankly I'm a chicken and sometimes I'm afraid to express my opinions cause I don't want anyone to hate me or send me nasty-grams. I don't have thick skin and you'll make me cry. So instead I'm gonna show you a picture of the kayaks Nate and I bought recently and how we put them in my parents' pool (cause that's what you do after you get a kayak right?). Cause that's funny, and who can disagree with kayaks in a pool?? Kayaks in a pool is a bipartisan initiative.

Guys, I'm ready. I'm ready for kayaking. Look how cute my life jacket is.

Also, look how funny my dogs are:
There's this crevice in between the couch and the ottoman that they like to burrow in (the verb burrow, not the the noun burro. You know like, a donkey or burrito? Burro?) and I think it's really funny and cute and annoying all at the same time. Cause then when I go to stand up I have nowhere to put my feet.

Did I ever tell you guys how I went to a baseball game with my new blog besties turned real life besties, Kailey and Brianna?...I need to stop saying besties. I'm 27. Whatever. Anyway, it's true. And it looked mostly like this:
...which is basically what our group texts would look like if brought to life. Lots of "lolz" and "hahaha's" and probably a few "awk's." And most of them in all caps. It was Kailey's first Major League Baseball game and at the conclusion of the very first play of the game when people started cheering she goes "Is that real noise??" And she wasn't kidding. It's ok though, we talked it out and she won't make that mistake again.

K guys, I don't talk a lot about Nate on here and my marriage and lovey dovey-ness cause I don't like it and it kind of makes me cringe, but we shared a moment in Home Depot the other day that I just have to share with you because I want you all to know how much my husband loves me and that he would do absolutely anything for me. I picked a hang nail (cause I do that sometimes) and it started bleeding right? So then I yelled to Nate, "Help!! I'm bleeding!" So he came over to me, took a look at my finger and said, "There's not enough blood there for me to be concerned about," and then he turned around and kept walking.

Speaking of Nate, I'm gonna end on that note cause he's about to get home which means I need to go finish watching Real Housewives of New York before he finds out I watch Real Housewives of New York and gives me hell for it.

Love you, mean it, bye.

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  1. Your posts make me happy and you make me happy. I'm glad Nate loves you but if I saw your finger bleeding I would give you a bandaid because that's what blog bestie turned real life besties do right? I thought so too. The baseball game was fun 😘 and you look so cute in your life vest. I'm commenting from my phone I hope you get this love you hair flip deal with it dog

  2. Did you meal plan this week?! Or just your normal shopping? Also when your visit we can watch all the real housewives because they are my favorite! Oh and Nate? Gotta love that guy:)

  3. im trying so hard to be mad at you for the 3rd picture of me but the rest of this post is too awesome and nate is hilarious, can you make him post on your blog? bahaha love you can't wait for wine Wednesday

  4. Haha your pups are too cute!! Why are blog posts so hard to start and end?? I have the same problema! I think I end up saying the same shiz every time lol - it's too hard!!

  5. That Jess gif is killing me! And I totes feel ya on the blogging thing. I never know if I am supposed to start with a story, a statement, or what?!

  6. Your posts always make me laugh, thanks for that! True story, last summer my sister's friend went with us to her first ever baseball game, and I'm talking the minor leagues. Odd.

  7. I wanna be a blog bestie turned real list bestie..just saying..you could get more drunk dials then!

  8. I love your posts!! They make me miss AZ so much!! Why did we have to meet the last week I was there?

  9. I love the kayak in the pool! :)



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