Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Husband is Way Cooler Than Me

In honor of my husbands birthday this past weekend, I want to take a minute and share with you all the complex that I have everyday with him: Nate is way cooler than I am. Like, there's not even a chance I can ever be as cool as him and I often feel like just giving up in trying to do so. Here's why...

He does things like this:
If you were to take a picture of me engaging in one of my hobbies it just wouldn't have the same effect. Take blogging for example. A picture of me sitting at my computer screen isn't really as bad ass as this.

He catches things like this:

...And kills things like this:
I've never killed an animal before. I've shot at one...twice. And missed...both times.

He fights terrorists
I'm not brave enough to fight terrorists.

No matter how many college degrees you have, he's always right.
...I'm trying to accept the fact that all this student loan debt doesn't make me smarter than him. Rats.

He taught Gunther how to shoot a BB gun

My idea of decorating doesn't quite send the same message as his does

He chops down Christmas trees
So basically he's like a lumberjack, or something.

And last but not least, Nate's way cooler than me because this:

And also this:

But even though Nate might be cooler than me, don't be fooled, cause I can still take him in a good 'ol fashioned wrestling match...
...with Gunther's help. And with him letting me win.

Happy birthday to my husband, who will always be cooler than me. And I'm totally OK with that.

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  1. This was HILARIOUS.
    Especially this: "No matter how many college degrees you have, he's always right."
    Definitely sounds like my husband.
    And the picture of him teaching the dog to shoot... oh my gosh.
    Hilarious girl.

  2. That is one way cool husband! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. STOP you guys are the cutest I wish I was as cool as Nate the Great

  4. You guys have been so outdoorsy LOVE IT. happy birthday nathan townsend

  5. This is hilarious.. I love this! I think you both are pretty cool. :)

  6. i love this!
    it is so fun, and full of such...admiration!
    i love that y'all not only have fun together but take time to cultivate things that make you both individually happy and support each other in that - such a healthy relationship quality!

  7. Happy Birthday Nate! You guys are so stinking cute together. Just as cute today as you were as little kiddies! xoxo

  8. That fox/coyote thing is FREAKY! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  9. By far the best birthday post EVERRRRRRR.

    So does he teach shooting classes for dogs? I feel like my pup could use a lesson or two.

  10. You two are so mother freaking adorable. I love this post lots :)

  11. This is great! Hope your husband had a happy happy birthday! He is lucky to have ya!

  12. You too are so cute- I love the Nate posts, always a crack up!



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