Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Weekend: Wine, and Margaritas, and Girlfriends Oh My

The bad thing about the weekend being over is that, well, the weekend is over. But the good part about the weekend being over is that I can blog about it. Actually, that's not always 100% true seeing as how my weekends aren't always something worth writing about. But in the case of this weekend, it in fact was something worth blogging about. Cause I had a bunch of fun.

Friday night I went to a local wine bar with a few girlfriends. I don't really need to explain that wine coupled with girlfriends is a recipe for a good night. And that it was. You wanna know how I know it's a good night?? Cause you drunk text your parents. Drunk texting your parents is the best kind of drunk texting. Especially when your mom starts shouting at you in all caps, and then texts you a picture of her toes "just because." Hey, if I'm not making sense , she may as well not make sense either right?

On top of that, old girlfriends coupled with new girlfriends is also a fabulous equation because you have old friends and new friends, like Kailey for example, coming together for a fusion of friend-ness. A friend fusion. A fusion of friends. And I can't speak for everyone, but personally, I love fusions.  

You know what else is a good fusion?? Pool time and margaritas. And I also enjoyed that fusion this weekend.

My dear friend Tyah had a free weekend, which doesn't happen often between her becoming a nurse practitioner, and homework, and commuting to and from Tucson like, 5 days a week or something like that; so when she tells me she's free for the weekend I need to jump on that. So I did.

Things got a little rowdy after round 3(ish)

And then our pool day turned into a pool day/night because we had to sit around and eat pretzels and tortilla chips until 10:30 at night to soak up all that tequila before we could go our separate ways home. Then this morning my mom text me and was like, "Well, I just got done vacuuming all the pretzel crumbs out of the couch...I don't think I have to ask if you had fun yesterday." Pretty much.
But it gets even better because then on Sunday Tyah and I got even more impromptu pool time together. Except this time, sans margaritas. Which was probably smart all things considered.

This pool had a really cool waterfall/grotto thing, except less playboy mansion-ish and more suburbia Arizona-ish. 

So, to summarize my weekend looked like this:
Pool time
More pool time. And I'm bloated from all the junk I ate/drank, and I'm sunburned, and I haven't showered yet cause I love the smell of chlorine on my skin (is that weird?). So all in all, not too shabby of a weekend.

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend! Maybe I need to become your friend and join in for some of the fusion, margaritas and pool time :)

  2. I HATE showering after pool time, it's like erasing a memory. Also more friend/pool/alcohol fusion coming to a home pool near you within the next 2-4 weeks k thanks ttyl bye love you and your alcohol fun

  3. Sounds like the best weekend ever! So happy to see you blogging every now and then!!

  4. This explains so much now...the instagram picture was booze induced!

  5. i for one LOVE the smell of chlorine on my skin! plus, i hate washing my hair, so the longer I can prolong the shower process, the better!!


  7. yay for pools! yay for long weekends! yay for friends!!

  8. Sounds like an amazing weekend to me!!



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