Monday, January 13, 2014

Things My Husband Says - A Link-up

It's time for another edition of Things My Husband Says.
The first edition came when it was his birthday last year and I felt like in order to properly celebrate such a day, I would share with all of blogland all the funny stuff that comes out of his mouth.
Find that post here. I'll wait.........
Funny right?!

So I was pretty excited when Danae and Amanda decided to host a link-up of exactly this nature. Cause trust me, I've been keeping track of this shiz in a "note" in my iPhone.
Is that weird?

On Gunther chewing things: "You tear s**t up like a terrorist. Are you a terrorist Gunther?? Cause I execute terrorists."
For the record, I don't know about you, but this face doesn't really scream "terrorist" to me.

Me: "Look at how awkward Gunther's laying right now..."
Nate: "...that whole dog is awkward."

Me: "Do you want my last meatball?"
Nate: (*holds out plate*) "Ball me."

On math: "You can't tell me math makes sense. It's not real, they f*****g made it all up. You can't tell me to solve for f****** XY and Z, that doesn't make sense, it's not real."

Me, en route to go deer hunting: "Why do I keep smelling dirt??"
Nate: "It's me. I smell like 'fresh earth.' That's what you want to smell like. That's the key."

On my hunting capabilities: "Maycee's a better hunter than you. That's all the woman I need. Me and my dog."

On Michael Jackson's Will You Be There: "This is some Free Willy s**t. Makes me want to free the s**t out of some killer whales."

You're welcome for that, by the way; all Michael Jackson and Killer whales and Free Willy and
stuff - that's a fantastic way to start your Tuesday, no?

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  1. Bahah I cannot wait to get to meet this man of yours! I have a funny feeling we will get along just great:)

  2. I seriously love you guys. And wish that we could hang out.

  3. Sounds like you sadly have to stay home and relax while he hunts with the dog from now on. I know you're devastated :)

  4. Aww...a day in the life of Nate..lurve it!

  5. I seriously love this! Can't wait to hang out soon. We need to get the husband together ASAP..

  6. This is hilarious! I could write a book on the off-the-wall things my husband says. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hahaha! He is hilarious :)) In all fairness, when I hear that song I instantly think of Free Willy too ;)

  8. "ball me"
    the best line hands down.

  9. HAHAHAHA! "ball me". you can't make this stuff up. hilarious!

    Vodka and Soda

  10. ball me ahah he is too cute with those pups!!!

  11. hahaha okay I'm dying laughing! This is amazing, thanks for linking up!

  12. "ball me" HAHHAHA & "I smell like fresh earth" oh my goodness - hilarious!

  13. Bahahah... I love his take on math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. "Ball Me"...hilarious! Also a favorite...that whole dog is awkward! So funny!


  15. hahaha the killer whale one >>>>

    too good. love this post! i should really keep track of the funny/crazy things people say...

  16. HA! These are so good! And I want to high five the heck out of him because lately I've been preaching that math is NOT real and that every teacher lied to us! hahaha



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