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Fan Friday: 2013 AZ Sports in Review

With all these 'Year in Review' posts, and talk of resolutions for 2014, and reflections of 2013, I figured the sports world shouldn't be exempt. And I also figured, what better time to link up with Sarah and her  Fan Friday to do so?
Venus Trapped in Mars

Here's the thing, I reallllllly reallllly like sports.
Arizona sports, to be exact.

I'm a hometown kinda girl.
I don't blog about it often because I just figure I might lose most of your guys' interest...which this post will probably do. So I won't be mad if you quit reading right now.

Anywho, last year I wrote this post about how much it was sucking to be an Arizona sports fan at the time.
The Cardinals (NFL) went 5-11 and fired their head coach.
The Suns (NBA) finished with the second worst record in franchise history, and didn't even wait until the end of the season to fire their head coach. And then they hired some schmuck as interim head coach and fired him at the end of the season too. 
The Diamondbacks (MLB) failed to meet expectations yet again and finished the season with a .500 record. So basically, they did nothing. They lost as many as they won. 
Arizona State University Football, while finishing 2012 with a decent 8-5 record in coach Todd Graham's first year, had just come off a 2011 season finishing 6-7.  
The Coyotes (NHL) were without an owner for the 4th year straight after multiple ownership deals fell through.

So basically, there was a lot of losing going on.
And it was miserable.
But, if there's one thing I can't stand, it's fair-weather fans, and I just refuse to be one.
...And sometimes that pays off, because what a difference a year makes.
This was the cover of the sports section in the Sunday paper last week:
(Read full article here)

In 2013 the Cardinals finished 10-6, including a win in Seattle against the Seahawks, under a new head coach.
The Suns, who are supposed to be in full rebuilding mode and were projected to win no more than 10 games all season are sitting at a 19-12 record under a new head coach, (who just won Western Conference Coach of the month for December), a new GM, and a roster full of "no names."
ASU Football finished the season 10-4, won the PAC-12 South title, beat rival UofA for the 2nd year in a row, and hosted the PAC-12 Championship game.
The Diamondbacks, while finishing with a mediocre season, still had an MVP candidacy in Paul Goldschmidt (who's also suuuper hot by the way. Google him, you won't be sorry). 
The Coyotes finally have an ownership group in place.

All that to say, let's look back at the 10 Commandments of Arizona Sports and see how we've done:

1.) Thou shalt not be a fair-weather fan.
Done, and done. Always.

2.) Thou shalt not take Steve Nash's name in vain
...even if he does betray you and go play for the Lakers. 
I'm over it. He has a ridiculous Hollywood haircut, and we have Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe now.
It was fun while it lasted, Steve. I won't forget you.

3.) Thou shalt not covet other professional sports teams' players, management, winning records, or championship rings. ...none of which, are in your near future.
The future is looking brighter, Arizona!!

4.) Honor thy teams that have won in the past, for it may be a while before it happens again.
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks

Still true. But the definition of "a while" is shortening.

5.) Thou shalt not question bad trades, bad hirings or firings, or any other questionable decisions from the front office...cause the more you think about it, the more mad you'll get.
Lots of good moves last year in the front offices. Ryan McDonough, the new Suns GM has acquired the nickname 'Ryan Mc-do-work.'

6.) Thou shalt always remember the pool. 
Cause hey, if the team's losing, at least you still have a cool pool in your baseball stadium.
And air conditioning.
We have air conditioning too.
We'll always have the pool, even though it was soiled by the Dodgers last season. 
If I thought I hated the Dodgers before, I reallllly hate them now.
7.) Thou shalt obey thy Baxter, Gorilla, and Big Red

8.) Thou shalt fork 'em
9.) Thou shalt understand: there's nowhere to go but up...when you're last

10.) Thou shalt always remember: you're not a real fan, unless you're still a fan when they're losing.
...thanks for that nugget of wisdom, dad.

And there you have it. An entire post about stuff you all probably don't care about. But since I care about it, and since Sarah cares about it enough to host a link-up, dang it, I wrote about it.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what's in store for Arizona sports in 2014!

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  1. So the other night we were watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl which was at the Phoenix stadium. And one of our youth goes,"Aren't all of their classes online? They sure do have a nice stadium!!!" I was rolling on the floor laughing!

  2. so, this is a bit off topic and i know this is baseball talk..but your hair is amazing! that's all.

  3. Being a Cleveland Browns fan...I completely understand #9 and 10 ;) hahaha! Have a great wekeend!!

    xx em

  4. Girl, I care!! I adore this post. I would have a difficult time with some of these commandments, i.e. #5. I swear I get SO FREAKING MAD at the hirings and firings (or lack there of) with my teams. SO MAD, and like you said, the more I think about it, the madder I get.

  5. um...just found you through fan friday, and love this post! if you post more about sports, i won't mind! love your dedication to the supbar teams in arizona. i feel you on that, as i am a san diego sports fan.

  6. Im a Cleveland fan, we don't win ANYTHING! Hahaha.

    Let's go to a baseball game this season!!!!!

  7. I didn't understand any of this post.... but I think you look gorgeous in all of these pictures! Way to look cute while supporting the home teams!! :)

  8. Um miss, there is definitely a team missing on this list! The Rattlers! Winner of TWO Arena Bowls in a row! I mean, they have a better championship record than any other team in AZ!

    Ok I may be a bit biased because I am dating one of them. I never went to a game before I met him two years ago, but I truly didn't know what I was missing. It's so much fun!



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