Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pig Hunt 2013

It's been a busy weekend + a few days.
Both my house, and the back of Nate's truck has looked like Bass Pro and Cabela's threw up all over it. It's like, a mixture of firearms, camo, and...a whole bunch of other crap.
Not to worry though, it was all put to good use...starting with my pig hunt!

The hubs and I left last Friday to go hunting for javelina, or as I like to call it, "javelining," and the verdict is in:
I didn't kill one.
I know, waa waa waaaaa.
But it was still fun and we got to see lots and lots of deer...too bad I didn't have a deer tag. But alas, that's the way the cookie crumbles right?

So since I don't have cool pics to post of me with a dead pig, I figured I'd talk about
something else...my outfit.
Cause my dear bloggy friend Kalyn over at Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After pointed out to me that "OOTD" means "Outfit of the Day." So all those fabulous bloggers posting selfies of their adorable outfits and to-die-for accessories with the hashtag #OOTD...it means it's their outfit of the day.
You're welcome.

So let's get right to it shall we?
OOTD for pig hunting: Camo.
And since camo is fairly straight forward (i.e. camo top, camo bottoms) let's talk accessories shall we?
Firstly, when it's really cold outside (and believe me, it was freakin' cold outside) you're gonna want a beanie. I realize these may not be "in" right now, but they'll definitely keep your body heat...in.
See what I did there?
Secondly, forget about your adorable chevron-printed scarf, and opt instead for a neck gator. ...don't ask me why it's called a neck gator... I'd never heard of one until last Friday. But disregard the weird name, cause I'm pretty sure these things have to be right up there with the best inventions ever, like sliced bread and stuff.
It's like a beanie, but for your neck. Slip it over your head and onto your neck, and you can tuck it into your jacket so the wind and cold won't seem so...windy and cold-y (cold-y?). Plus, you can put it as high up on your face as you want. Personally, I kept it all the way over my nose so my breath kept my face warm (is that gross?) and only my eyes were exposed to the elements.
I don't mess around when I'm cold.

Next, you'll see in the photo below, an additional set of accessories you'll want for your
outfit of the day.
 Trade in those fabulous sunglasses for a good pair of binoculars. Without 'em, you'll never find any pigs hangin' out in the AZ mountains.
You'll also want to forgo your lovely purse and go with a good, solid, hunting pack instead...not to worry, everything you keep in your purse you can throw into your pack if you so desire. And instead of schlepping your purse around on your shoulder, you'll be schlepping around your rifle. ...Cause your rifle is the ultimate OOTD accessory.
Lastly, you might also consider a good pair of shooting sticks. If you're wimpy like me and your rifle gets heavy when you have to hold it up and in the ready position for a while, the shooting sticks allow you to rest your rifle on them, taking away the weight and adding stability. Plus, it totally doubles as a tri-pod, which allows you to take some selfies when there's no one else around to take one for you.
Like so:

So there you have it, my Outfit of the Day; a little less cute and trendy, but a little more
functional and practical.

I feel like this is a really good start to my career as a fashion blogger.



  1. You are the real life Katniss!! Is that Nates pink gun case? :)

  2. looks like y'all had a fun time!!!!

  3. I think you should absolutely start a camo-wearing fashion blog. I mean, someone has to be the first to rock it.

  4. i gotta admit, i found your blog because of your precious pup in your button, and i'm so glad i did! im hooked!



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