Monday, February 4, 2013

Blogger Complex

Guys, I'm having a blogging complex.

Confession: I lost two blog followers last week
Confession: I was kinda sad about it

So here's the thing, I didn't start my blog to have a bunch of people follow me (but for those 52 of you who do, I freakin' love ya's!) and be this big time blogger. And every time I start to get concerned about the quantity of followers I have compared to everyone else's, I have to be like, 

"Rissa, stop. Followers are not what blogging is about."

And then I try to forget about it and keep it moving.

Confession: I kinda want a lot of followers, though
Confession: I'm too lazy to do it

I feel like in order to have a butt-load of followers I have to post something everyday, participate in every link-up I find, comment on everyone else's posts that participated in that link-up, pay to "advertise" on someone else's page, and...phew! That's a lot of freakin' work just to have a blog where I write about nothing really important. 

Beyond that, I look at blogs hosting all these link-ups and they're like, 

"Here are the rules:"...there's rules for linky parties?
"Follow me and the other 10,5876 hosts; comment on my post; grab the button, link back to mine and the other 10,5876 hosts' blogs...oh and by the way, I DO read through them all and if you didn't do any of the above, I'll delete your post and you'll be forbidden to participate in this link up for the rest of its existence"

I don't wanna have a linky party on those terms.
That's no fun.

I just feel a little like it's all in vain.
We write about a buncha things to impress a buncha other people, in order to get followers who don't even read our blogs. 
We follow a buncha people just so they might follow us back...but don't even really care to be friends...and then in the end, I see those posts where people are like, "I feel like I'm missing out on life and I'm gonna be blogging less frequently now, soooo..."

Is that what you'd call the circle of blogging?

So you see my complex here? 

That was one helluva soap box.

I blame it on Monday.
Mondays make me cranky.


  1. This is hilarious. I specifically liked the part about the link party's :) hahaha! Couldn't agree more.

  2. Well I love your blog! And I have enjoyed getting to know you :) I won't leave!

  3. hahahah I so love you!!! I feel like this on a regular basis!! xoxoxox

  4. You have no worries about me going anywhere! Totes love reading your blog:))

  5. HAHAHAHA I literally did LOL at the linky party posts, I HATE when blogs say that. I Like the ones that just say hey this is the prompt link up it's fun! NO RULES, who do these big bloggers think they are anyway!? Delete my post you're not nice anyway with all your RULES! P.S. I secretly wish I had lots of followers too...P.S.S. I also agree, it's a lot of work and money (seems like) to become a big blogger :(

  6. HAHAHA I am with you. I like the link ups but the whole follow this, do this, comment this makes me mad! I found the giveaways make people follow me but that makes me mad because I want people to follow me because they like me..not that I am giving stuff away! I did add your button on my page though as your one of my blog crushes!

  7. I totally get what you mean about the link parties. So silly! I refuse to take part in them when they ask me to spend 10 minutes liking and following and facebook-friending everything and everyone!

  8. I feel ya on this ENTIRE POST...I want a lot of followers too... but I'm really bad on remembering to blog haha! Love LOVE your blog!!

  9. ::hugs:: more importantly HIGH FIVE!
    Girl you are not alone in all.
    I sometimes find myself thinking "umm, WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT why do i not have this many followers" you know what. SCREW THAT.
    I want my blog to be for me. To track what i'm thinking, doing, participating in, inspiration, etc. It shouldn't be about what others thing of it (i mean but if they like it coolio).
    I also completely understand what you're saying about the "link-ups". umm no. I understand having people sign up via "following" for a give'a'way because you want it to go to those who actually read your blog on the regular. But link-ups...REALLY?
    And shooootttt i don't agree with paying for ad space (unless you're a huge blog like young house love).
    GREAT honest post girl, seriously. <3

  10. Amen sister friend; just write about what you want and if you don't feel like writing then don't! Your loyal followers will stick with ya :)

  11. I JUST did a post last week on a very similar topic. I'm so over all the link ups/giveaways where you have to follow every one and their mother in order to NO THANKS!!



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