Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Anyone else around here feel bored? 
Restless maybe?

I can't really put my finger on it, but really...I feel kinda bored these days. 
Football is over...not that I really care about football, but I can hear the collective sigh of everyone else's disappointment that football is over.
The NBA might as well be over cause the Suns can't win a game even if it was handed to them.
There's no major political campaigns in swing, and mid-term elections won't heat up for another eight months or so.
Talk radio has gotten really boring, and redundant, and infuriating, so I started listening to sports talk radio instead. But all they talk about everyday is how Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard can't ever get along, and argue like women. ...I'm like, hellooooo this is Phoenix! I don't care about the Lakers!
I listened the crap outta my One Direction CD, so now my tunes don't even make me b-bop along along in the car anymore.
Senior-itis finally set in, so every time I sit down to do homework I'm like, "I'm still doing homework? I've been doing homework for 20 years now. I'm over this."
I've been eating Cliff bars for breakfast and soup for lunch every day since December. 
It's getting kind of boring.
It's all kind of boring.

What the fluff??

I go through these phases every now and then, when you're head is down and you're grinding away getting everything done you need to get done until you finally look up and you're like, "why do I feel like I'm doing the same thing everyday?"
Totes going through one of these phases. 

Too bad I don't have money, or else I could like, renovate the kitchen or a bathroom or something and I'd be cured.

I have some really fun things on the horizon that I'm pretty pumped for, but until those get here...my kitchen will probably stay the same, and my bathroom won't change either,
and I'll probably just twiddle my thumbs and keep listening to One Direction anyway. 

On the bright side...three day weekend this weekend! Maybe I'll find something interesting to do to shake this boredom. Like, watching Nate spell. 
It's always interesting watching Nate spell words.


  1. Hahaha I'm with you sister! It's 11 and I finally finished yet another study guide for the endless stream of exams. It sounds like we think in similar terms, I would love to have a house to decorate..or more accurately the money to do it!!
    Keep pushing through, you're almost done and it's going to be so worth it!!

  2. How does everyone have a three day weekend but me? GRR! And....I was the same way..which is why I now have the etsy shopw..I got really really really bored.

  3. "what the fluff" <--i laughed out loud there!
    I know what you mean though...i think we ALL go through something like this. I find that i need to tackle little projects: paint something (maybe a room), re-arrange furniture...anything that is cheap but makes me feel like i'm tackling something!

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I'm also glad I've found someone else who loves One Direction just as much as I do [If not more] :P So excited to follow along! :)



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