Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
To be totally inconsistent on your weekly blog link ups

To be so inconsistent that you forgot how to put the button on your page and tried to attach it as a link instead.

To be totally behind on your blogging in general

To be excited for fall even though it’s still gonna be 100+ degrees for another 2 months

To not like talking on the phone because of those awkward moments when you start talking and so does the other person, and then you’re like “no you go ahead” and then they say it at the same time too, and your conversation just sits there, idle, with nowhere to go

To wear white after Labor Day

To avoid Pinterest because it just reminds you of everything you don’t have, what your house will never look like, and all the recipes you’ll never have the time to make

To be sixty years old...
happy birthday daddy-O!

To brag about how you beat your mom at Words with Friends
By the way, I beat my mom at Words with Friends.
By a lot.

To brag about your new cubicle decor.
Cause really, it doesn't get much better...

To have your own idea of what parallel parking is...and hope no one sees you doing it

To curse all the ASU students downtown Tuesday and Thursday nights taking up all my diagonal parking spots!

What's OK with you this week?!


  1. if i ever beat my mom, or anyone really, at words with friends, i'd shout it from the rooftops! :) and bazinga! i love that poster!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one then, that takes a Words with Friends victory seriously!! =) Hope your Thursday was fabulous!

  2. I want that Sheldon poster!!! Instant love!

    1. Thanks Ann! Isn't it awesome?! Gotta love Big Bang!



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