Friday, September 21, 2012


It's that time again...time for my favorite day of the week AND my favorite Friday link-up!...that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a two-fer!


1.) Last weekend my mom and I made fleece blankets. The kind where you tie the sides together in knots and it looks all cool and fringe-y.  
And by the time we were done...they looked pretty cool and fringe-y!
Don't let these bad boys fool you though, they take forever to finish. So worth it though!
...Now if only the cooler weather would come so I could actually use a blanket! 

2.) My friend Quan, whom I work with, drew me this picture
Quan is from China so she teaches me about all things China and Asian culture. Like how Hong Kong is kinda sorta its own country in that it has its own military and own currency, but really it's owned by China and its elected leader has to be approved by the Chinese government. And that Japan just recently staked claim on some islands that are located in Chinese waters and now China and Japan are all mad at each other and protesting all over the place. 
She gives me all the updates everyday at lunch.

And I found out that I was born in the year of the Rabbit. 
So she drew me this picture. 
And now it's hanging up in my cube.
And I'm a little in love with it.
Quan was born in the year of the Dragon, which at first, I was a little jealous of. Cause I'm like, dragons are way more fierce and cool and fire-breathing that rabbits are. But then I saw this picture and I'm like, bunnies are way cuter than fire-breathing dragons, so I think I'm ok with it now.
Thanks Quan.

3.) I got to have lunch with my dear friend Tanya who I used to work with at the pharmacy
Tanya was in downtown gettin' her pharmacy on at the State Board and since I work downtown, gettin' my public administration on, we set up a rendezvous for lunch. 
Actually she totally thought of me and the fact that I work downtown, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy that she wanted to spend her lunch hour with me.
So we hit up this amazeballs mexican restaurant and ate the crap out of their delicious chips and salsa. At least I did.
I feel like Tanya should spend more time downtown at the Board of Pharmacy and we could have more lunch dates like this...
It's a win-win

4.) So there's this coffee shop a few blocks down the street from ASU Downtown that my dear friend Stephanie found out sells cookies.
Really good, big, gooey cookies.
So this week before class we made our way down to One Coffee Co. and bought ourselves a cookie.
And it was heavenly.
I was totally gonna take a picture of the cookie, but once cookies get in front of my face I tend to focus on putting it in my mouth and eating it more so than taking pictures of it. Plus, Stephanie and I are way better looking than a cookie right?!
We made it to the coffee shop early enough that we had time to hang out before we had to walk back to campus, so we sat on the couch in this adorable coffee shop, in downtown, ate our cookies, talked about the X Factor, and I felt all cool and hipster and cool and stuff. 

Oh and side note, Stephanie had to leave half way through class to catch a flight back home and I was instructed to take notes for her for the remainder of the night, so here's what I sent her:
She can thank me later =)

5.) Season 5 Big Bang Theory is out on DVD
Say no more.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. You are so very welcome to as much of our cold Scottish weather as you like - help yourself! Those blankets are exactly what I need right now :-)
    Thanks for your comment, hope you visit again soon!



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