Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five Friday

Linking up with Lauren today for my top 5 things from this week!

1.) In my search for the perfect summer song, that has now commenced since the weather has been over 100 degrees twice this week, I stumbled upon this gem in itunes the other night and I'm thinking it just might fit the bill

It's no Jake Owen, but I'm totally diggin' it

Here's my favorite summer song from last year:

I know, hard to beat right?!

2.) I was checking out one of the newer blogs I started following recently and was so surprised to find this awesome tid bit in one of her posts:
Seriously, MADE. MY. DAY. 
Go check out Mosby's blog...and she just turned the big 21 so wish her a happy birthday!! =)

3.) My new Water Hyacinths for my water garden!
(Thanks mom!)
This is what they look like:
Can you spot them on the far left and right sides?!
...supposedly they're considered an "invasive" I'm hoping they'll "invade" my water garden and get all big and pretty and pretty and stuff =)

4.) Got a call to set up an interview for a potential full time internship...cross your fingers for me!!!

5.) Tax refund has been deposited folks!! 
Are we gonna use it and go on an awesome vacation?!
Are we gonna buy some new awesome comfy furniture?!
Is Rissa gonna take all the money and go on a shopping spree?!
I wish.
Are we gonna pay off a buncha debt and credit cards?!
I know, it's a terrible way to use an extra load of cash, and a terrible reminder that I'm a grown up now. But hey, you gotta do whatchya gotta do right?!


  1. ah! i love your blog! and i love your branding :) so cute! (but i love quatrefoils so i might be biased)

  2. Oh now you just made my day!!! So happy to be making blog friends!!

  3. Your blog is so cute - good luck on your job interview! Happy Friday! :)

  4. Your water garden is amazing. I want one too. I see a project coming on!

  5. I checked my email. I never got anything.. Weird!

  6. LOVE your blog! Definitely wish I had your humor in my writing!! :)



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