Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Things That Happened that I Ran Out of Time to Blog About

So, by evidence of this title, it seems that some fun things have happened and I just haven't found the time to blog about them. So here we go.

I went down to Tucson for a little over 24 hours to say hi to the Haro's. I love being a third wheel to the Haro's cause I've known them for so long, and if we're being honest here, Tyah likes me better than Abel, so it's really not a third wheel situation. If it is, it's more so for Abel. Poor guy. 

Since they've been busy with the newest and furriest edition to their family and Tyah just finished like, a million day stretch on night shift, I made sure to mention that we didn't have to do anything extravagant, that I would totally be down for just hangin' out. So that's what we did. We hung out. And we blogged. And we drank coffee. And we blogged. And I liked it.
And I met Mr. Hurley and ooo'd and ahh'd my brains out at how cute he is. 

My blog turned 1 year old. Check out my very first post ever here
I celebrated by sitting in front of my computer and eating cake. Not because I think my computer can actually eat cake and celebrate with me or was leftover from my brother-in-law's birthday. 
Happy coincidence I suppose =)

Maycee turned 3 years old. I can't believe she was ever this small!!
First day Nate brought her home

Maycee Moo is the first and the original Townsend fur-baby! Love that girlfriend...

Nate came home from spending a month in California on Army duties. And the dogs were pretty pumped about it. ...So was I but there was no one there to video tape me wag my tail and go all crazy when I first got hold of him too...

Major League Baseball has officially started and opening weekend is already under our belts!...And the Dbacks swept San Francisco. Not a bad way to start the season I'd say!


So there you have it. Fun things that happened that have now been blogged =)

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  1. LOVE this post!! I read it to Abel and he was giggling about him being the third wheel... prolly because he knows it is the solid gold truth! haha!! gosh I just love me some Rissa time!!!! And Nates homecoming to the pups was adorable!



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