Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Boy Who Lived

Over the weekend my dear friend Stephanie and I had a Harry Potter party.
Why, You ask?
Cause we're cool.

But really though, do you really need to have a reason to have a Harry Potter party?
The answer is no, but we just so happen to have one anyway!

You see, the Pottermore website is now LIVE folks! If you haven't heard of it, it's an interactive website with additional content from JK Rowling about the plot, characters, her inspiration for the stories, and so much more! And you can do all kinds of reading and game playing and...reading and stuff! It's way cooler than how I'm making it sound right now, I promise. 

As I was trying to tell Nate this he's all, "I can't be married to a nerd. You need to get that under control." and asked me if it was like World of Warcraft or something.
...I told him to bite his tongue and come back to me when he had a better attitude.
Muggles, I tell ya...

Anyway, so with Pottermore being live Stephanie and I thought it was the perfect time for a Harry Potter party! We spent the day learning the website, watching the movies, chatting, and eating our home-made Harry Potter snacks. Of which included:

And just in case you were wondering,
Diagon Alley is that way

Oh, and,
Hogsmede is that-a-way

One of the most exciting parts of the website is that you can personally be sorted into a House! Stephanie and I have been talking for months that if we were to be sorted into Slytherin...we just might die. And since I'm here typing this post...ergo de facto, we managed to avoid Slytherin House.

Drum roll please...
Now, I won't even lie, Gryffindor was obviously the ideal choice, but as I mentioned, anything but Slytherin is A-OK with me! And bonus, Stephanie is a Ravenclaw too! So that totally makes us housemates. Which totally means we could have sleep-overs and stuff. ...if this wasn't a virtual world, that is.

Harry Potter party #2 is already in the works for when book 2 goes live on the website!
It was a good day, I must say!


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