Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Wednesday lovelies! Link up over at 

I'm loving that as we speak (er, type?) I'm sitting on my patio enjoying the beautiful weather and gettin' my blog on.

I'm loving these:
Seriously, so delish.

I'm loving text messages like this:
Auge: Gunny's staring at me

...Followed by pictures like this:
Rissa: Hahahahahahaha!!! Gunny is SO cute!!!

I'm loving facebook posts like this:

I'm loving that I actually found the aforementioned CD's
ahhh, so funny...

I'm loving this show:
Katharine Mcphee is fabulous!

I'm loving the arrival of spring time, cause that means:
-Spring colors
-Spring training
-Spring flowers (helloooo growing season!)
-Oh-so-lovely weather
-My wedding anniversary
-Did I mention Spring colors??

I'm loving what good company my dogs keep me while Suppy is away

I'm loving these:
Seriously, so delish. ...did I say that already??

What are you loving this Wednesday?!


  1. I LOVE smash too! I missed this weeks episode, so bummed, but I am totally addicted to the show! Glad the pups are keeping you company while Nate is gone. Let's do dinner soon k?

  2. Hehehe Gunny is adorable! :)

    Dropping by from WILW.

  3. Ok, I haven't given Smash a go yet but everyone I know is raving about it!! I need to try it out soon it sounds like.



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