Monday, March 12, 2012

Little o' this, little o' that

In my research methods class we're learning about how to run a "Nested-F" test.
Whenever our professor says "Nested-F" test it makes me think of The Nest.

We're also learning about test results being "parsimonious." Whenever she says "parsimonious" it makes me think of Parseltongue. Which then gets me thinking about Harry Potter, which in turn, leads to my lovely friend Stephanie and I talking about Harry Potter and Pottermore instead of Nested-F tests and parsimonious results, and how the word on the street is the Pottermore website is going public next month and you can personally be sorted into one of the houses...which if I were ever sorted into Slytherin...I would DIE and never log back on ever again.
I opened up Stephanie's life to the Glory that is Erin Condren and the Life Planner, and Stephanie opened up my life to Pottermore.
Cause that's how we roll in these here parts. 

So my favorite thing to order at Chili's, the chicken caesar pita, they took off the menu and can't even make it anymore upon request because they don't even have the pita bread anymore. Olive Garden took my most favorite thing ever off their menu too: the garlic herb chicken con broccoli.
What the heck?!
I'm wondering if maybe God is trying to tell me I eat out too much and need to cut it out. Whatever it is, I'm not happy about it!

...moment of silence please for chicken caesar pita and garlic herb chicken con broccoli...

Israeli's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said this in an interview when asked if he thinks Iran is hiding nuclear weapons:
"If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck-it's a duck. It's a nuclear duck."

Wowzers. Doesn't sound like your average duck eh? 

My mom and mother-in-law are helping me with the dogs while Nate is away so they don't have to be in their cages all day long while I'm at work and school. I got this text message from my mom tonight while in class:

(1/2) Ok. Dogs r fed, pottied, tucked in and leftover cashew chick in fridge. Expens are up, poo is picked up AND I filled the water bucket AND I did NOT eat an
(2/2) y of ur reeses eggs. You don't deserve me!  Muahahahahaha. Have a good night at school.  Luv u!Side note - I did, however, eat 2 string cheeses!  Booya!
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I know, I thought it was pretty awesome too. 

...Did you catch all that?


  1. Haha I have never heard of pottermore, I must go investigate! And oh please not the reeses eggs! lol

  2. love love your post!! you can definitely write mine haha



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