Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet and Greet Link-Up

Today I decided I would give in and link up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup who's hosting a get-to-know-you extravaganza...cause let's face it, blog comments and new followers make me feel warm and fuzzy inside =) ...that and plus I just figured out this new "link-up" idea and I've been going a little "link-up" cuh-ray-zee the last few days!...I promise I'll cool it after this one =)

My name is Carissa.
Most people call me Rissa.
I'm married to Nathan.
Most people call him Nate.
We have 2 labs named Maycee and Gunther.
We call them a lot of things.
And we hang out here under the sun in AZ!
I was never interested in blogging for a long time because it seemed a little vain to me at first. In fact, between this post and the last Valentines Day link-up I did I'm thinking, "Whoa! Rissa, quit talkin' about yourself so dang much!" I swear, I really do try and avoid that...

Anyway, I got the itch the start a blog after reading a friend of a friend's blog who often wrote about her job as an elementary school teacher and always had really cute and funny stories. So my idea was to have this blog and write about the funny things that come up in the day-to-day, or try and make regular things funny...cause I like funny things.
They make me laugh.
And I think laughing is Ooober fun.

One of the girls in my high school class was from France and she would mix up the meanings of "fun" and "funny." She'd be like, "I rode this roller-coaster last weekend and it was soooo funny!"

...which I thought was funny.

But I digress...

You can read more about Nate and I Here and Here   
He thinks my blogging is silly, but word on the street is...he totally reads it. AND said it was funny. His mom let the cat outa the bag on that one  =)

Anyway, as I've been doing all these link-ups and seeing all kinds of other super fun and fancy blogs with super fun and fancy ideas, I thought what the heck, we'll link-up and see if I can't meet some new bloggers and maybe, just maybe, find some new followers! ...Cause I won't even lie, that would make me happy =)


  1. Love your blog! can't wait to
    new follower from the link up!


    Ok rissa! I did it! :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Maycee and Gunther are SO cute!! What a great post!

  4. @ Tiffany and Alyssa: thanks! I'm glad you found my blog! Neely always has such fun blog post ideas!

    @ Tyah: Yay! Love your post!! =)

  5. Haha my boo was a closet reader for a while ... now he gets mad when I post and don't tell him, haha



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