Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where'd Fall Go?

It wasn't that long ago that everyone was pumped up for fall and the cooler weather, and all the other fall-y stuff; but it seems like once Halloween comes and goes, everyone kind of forgets about fall and totally overlooks Thanksgiving, and immediately switches into Christmas mode. So I'm kind of starting to feel sorry for Fall, and for Thanksgiving. I mean, Christmas is certainly my favorite and I am totally stoked to listen to Christmas music 24/7, decorate my house, make Christmas yummies, and all the other awesome Christmas-y stuff, but I don't think Fall and Thanksgiving are getting the attention they deserve. I waited forever (that might be an exaggeration) for fall to get here, so gosh dangit I'm gonna enjoy it before it's full steam ahead Christmas time! 

So Nate and I were at Wally World tonight and they totally have these wannabe Scentsy's  out. BUT they were cheaper than Scentsy AND I could purchase them right then and there: no waiting for it to come in the mail and no shipping charges. So we bought one. 

I LOVE things that smell's a nice change after inhaling stinky people all day at the pharmacy, and it gets rid of that seemingly permanent "eau de la Maycee and Gunny" that tends to linger at our house. They had the option to get really cute Christmas warmers, BUT in honor of Fall, I decided to go with the Fall theme...after all, it's the week before Thanksgiving and we gotta pre-game it up!

The Fall God's are thanking me right now.

My Fall decorations I purchased back in, like, August or something, wanted their moment in the spotlight too...

With that being said, I'm gonna go sit in my awesome "spiced pumpkin pie" living room, smell the fall goodness, and think about all the homework I didn't get done tonight cause I decided to blog instead.
...shoot, I totally just ruined the mood of this post.

 Ah, well, I'll end the night with this bad boy...

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