Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gun Dog Millionaire

Today is Gunther's birthday. Yep, he is a Thanksgiving puppy and he turns 2 today!

Gunther's first day as a Townsend, and he's been my snuggle buddy ever since!

2 years old!

He thinks people all over the country take the day off work and get together with their families just to give thanks for Gunther.

...I know, I just feel bad being straight up with him on that one.

Gunny is an pretty cool dude. He might've had it a little rough when he was little, like serving as a keep-away toy for Maycee,

playing dress-up at his expense,

being mocked for his over-size ears,

and even being forced to commit acts of violence.

...But I'm pretty sure he came out ok anyway.

Gunny gives awesome high-fives, jumps as high as an NBA player, and will always give you his undivided attention...and by undivided attention I mean he'll stare at you. For long periods of time. Especially if you tell him he can't get on the bed. ...and by that point he usually looks so cute I let him up anyway. 

Can you believe he was ever this small??







Happy birthday Gun dog!!

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  1. awww hes so big now!!!! Abel and I ooo-ed and awwww-ed over all these photos :) such an adorable gunny!!! Happy Birthday!



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