Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a Bummer

It is with great sadness that I write this post.

Here's the thing, I used to really like this show

...but after hearing who the new cast will be for the new season, I'm a little irritated, pretty bummed, and really disappointed. I mean, I know these kinds of shows always consist of those "celebrities" who are "past their prime", if you will, but I always thought that Dancing with the Stars always had the better of the washed up/irrelevant "celebrities."
Not so much anymore.
Check it out:
David Arquette- hasn't seriously acted in forever. The only reason he's relevant right now is because of all his divorce drama. 

Ricki Lake- Enough with all the reality shows girlfriend. Find something legit to do. 

Ron Artest- I don't like you. Mostly because you play for the Lakers, and you hit a game winning shot against the Phoenix Suns a couple years back (not that I hold grudges or anything). BUT I get that you may be bored and don't have anything else to do during the lockout. At least you have a legitimate career. AND I heard your daughter who's a cancer survivor asked you to do the show and all your proceeds are going to cancer research. Alright fine, you're off the hook...but that doesn't mean I like you.

Rob Kardashian- SERIOUSLY?? 

Kristin Cavallari- I repeat...SERIOUSLY??

Hope Solo- You're a BA...and you're really also get a pass

 Chaz Bono- The only reason Chaz Bono might be considered a "star" is because he (she?) is the spawn of a star. Is this a political move? Cause if it is, I'm totally over it. 

Nancy Grace- Oh Lord help us...

I don't think I even know your name- But you just broke up with George Clooney...and that qualifies as "celebrity"??

And you are..??

Carson Kressley- Some reality show host, right?

J.R. Martinez- Not sure who you are either, but I hear you're a soap star and an Iraq war veteran. At least you're a working actor, and any veteran gets kudos in my book. You get a pass too.

So needless to say this season's line up is less than stellar and I'm really bummed about it cause, like I said, I used to really like this show.
Maybe I'll tune in anyway and someone will grow on me.
Only time will tell!

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