Saturday, September 10, 2011

AZ Visitor

So my beloved friend Kristy Goplin was in town from Texas over the Labor day weekend and in order to appropriately honor a holiday of labor (what is labor day for anyway?)...we shopped. All day. And it was awesome. I explained to her what polygamy meant and she taught me what a Giani Bini is.
I don't usually get so lucky as to see Kristy multiple times in one year, so maybe this is the year to break that unfortunate trend after being in her wedding in April and now this!
We ate lunch at the cheesecake factory, hit up the Biltmore Fashion Park, and ended the day with Scottsdale Fashion Square and dinner at BJ's.

We've come along way since the 7th grade. Instead of discussing cute boys, veggie tales, or the shortest bike route to school, our conversations these days consist of cohabitating with husbands, careers, and a few other unmentionables.
In fact, we emphatically discussed how we're the only ones we know that are terrified to have kids and have no interest whatsoever, zero, zilch, nada, in doing so anytime soon. I thought I was the only one! In fact, when she asked me how often Nate and I get the baby question, I gave her a helpful hint in that if you're vocal enough about how much having kids freaks you out, family and friends will stop asking you about it.
You're welcome.
Our anniversaries are only a couple days apart so I'm thinking double anniversary vacations together! 
Hopefully I won't have to wait another year before I see her lovely face again!


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