Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a bit of a news junkie. Yeah maybe my radio never moves from the local talk radio stations, I may or may not have all the political sites bookmarked on my computer, and so what if I DVR the news? I like to be informed ok? So while the Anthony Weiner scandal has been on full blast across most news outlets and I, quite frankly, am getting a bit tired of it all, I'm not sure how familiar everyone else is with the situation. If you're not, let me shed some light on this jewel.

It's pretty simple really. A United States Congressman by the name of Anthony Weiner (yup, pronounced just how it's spelled) got caught taking a picture of his...ahem...wiener, and accidentally posted it on his Twitter account for all to see. At first I kinda felt bad for the guy, like, "how embarrassing" sort of a thing. But then I thought, when a person by the name of Weiner gets caught sending other women pictures of his wiener, it's created what I like to call, the perfect storm. And to illustrate the irony of it all are a few of the best headlines detailing the story. 


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