Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Guy...

Today is Father's Day. So how appropriate that I tell you a little bit about my father eh?
My dad, he's a pretty funny guy.
 We make fun of him for a lot of stuff, but most of the stuff we make fun of him for is really funny. Like, the kind of funny where you leave, go about your next days business and then suddenly you remember your convo from yesterday and you just start to chuckle again out of the blue.
I have what I like to call Daddy Logic. An example of Daddy Logic is as follows:
One morning I was at my parents house when my dad walks out in a t-shirt and swim trunks, keep in mind, it's about 8 in the morning. 
"You going swimming daddy?"
"No, why?"
"Well your wearing swim trunks"
"Yeah, I wore out my sleeping shorts, they got a hole in them"
"So why don't you buy new sleeping shorts?"
"Well because I have these swim trunks."
Daddy Logic at it's finest. I laugh about that one even now.

Or how about one time I walked in to my mom's exercise room to find my dad facing the elliptical machine, feet planted on the floor with only his arms moving the handles back and forth. If you're using Daddy Logic, this is a legitimate workout.

Despite using the occasional Daddy Logic, my dad is super smart. He's an analyzer...which also sometimes make for some funny exchanges. 
One night he was super stoked about some socks he had. He was doing a happy dance when I asked him,
"Where'd you get those socks daddy?"
(points to his dresser drawer) "Over there."
"Well, yeah, but I mean where did you GET them?"
"Oh, you mean prior to over there?" (points to his dresser drawer)
"Yes! I mean, like, where did you buy them???"
"Oh. Target."
Talk about taking the long way around.

While he uses his super smart analyzing skills to work hard all day for his family, sometimes it means he might not take notice of the small details at home.
My mom had a bouquet of artificial sunflowers left over from my wedding in April '09 that was on display in their living room. About eight months or so ago my dad says to my mom:
"Hey those flowers look nice there. Are those new?"
You can imagine the fun we had with that one. After my mom tells me the story, my dad unaware that I know of his remarks, when he comes home from church, I lay this one on him:
"Hey daddy, these couches (which have been in that living room since the 6th grade) look nice in here. Are they new??" 
He has a good laugh and we continued to milk that one for what it was worth all day.

And I can't tell you about my dad without using his signature line:
"It builds character."
This could possibly be his one and only answer to any complaint that you'll ever have. He used to have an old GMC truck and the flip mirror that was on the visor was broken. So every time you would flip down the visor, the cover to the mirror would come tumbling down at your face.
"Daddy when are you doing to get that fixed?!!!"
"Hey, It builds character"
When I was young, every Saturday morning, while my mom and sister were out doing agility with the dogs, I always got stuck having to vacuum the pool. When I made known my grievances and expressed how unfair it was my dad insisted that
"It builds character."   
When I called him to complain about a super duper ooooober liberal teacher I had in college that taught a little more opinion than actual coursework he replied with,
"Well, it builds character."

How can a Dad get any cooler than that, you might ask?!?? On top of all the above-mentioned goodness, well...
My dad looks like Santa.


AND since we got so many precious pictures together from my wedding I'm about to post a bunch of them all in a row, so get ready.

I love you man.
Like, really really love you.
Happy Father's Day!


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