Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pooches and Photos

The pups are pretty pumped today because they got new collars; red, white, and blue and ready for summer!

These new gems are courtesy of their mom that is. See, after I got married a couple years ago and flew the coup, my mother decided she needed a new hobby to help alleviate her empty nest syndrome and decided to take up sewing. She's pretty impressive. 

She made me this cool case for my itouch

These snazzy cafe curtains for my bathroom

and my most favorite to date, these fabulous valances for my kitchen

In fact, she has her own website now selling the above-mentioned dog collars and you can check it out here:

If you are, or know anyone that is a dog owner you should take a gander! She's got tons of neat collars, leashes, and other fun stuff for your pooches!

Speaking of my we were discussing how many photos we each had in our computers when she laid this one on me:
"Actually, you probably do have more pictures than me cause, well, you're a photo slut."
I love you too mother.
Quit drinkin' the haterade would ya?

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