Monday, April 10, 2017

Things I Think About When I Run

I wish I was one of those people that loved working out but I'm just not. I do it because I feel like I have to in order to not become grossly overweight...and also to have a healthy heart and live for a long time and blah blah blah. Sometimes I force myself to do things hoping that maybe I'll start liking them. Like an acquired taste if you will, but for exercise. One of these things is running.

I hate running but sometimes I go through phases and I'm like, "Dammit Rissa, you're gonna freakin like this, now go run a mile without stopping!!" I am in this phase right now. Live update: I still don't like it and on a good day I can go a mile without stopping (you're judging me right now and it's fine...I judge me too most days).

Here's 18 actual things I think about when I run.

-This was a good idea I'm gonna get so many steps on my Fitbit today

-Skinny people with toned legs run, Carissa - be a skinny person with toned legs

-Ahhhh breathe in the fresh air...*inhales gnat*...*can't stop coughing*

-It's kind of hot out should stop and walk

-K, you can walk when this song is over

-When you reach that next light pole you have to start running again

-🎶Are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods, are we done with this run yet are we done with this run yet with this run yet good🎶"

-Don't step on a crack or you'll break your mother's back

-I hope no one notices how many times that small Asian man has passed me

-For every cricket you step on, you earn 1 minute of walking

-Can I kayak down this canal or no?

-You should've rollerbladed instead

-**Turns up music* so I can't hear how heavy I'm breathing

-This was a bad idea this isn't worth the top of my Fitbit leader board

-🎶All I do is win win win no matter walking on my mind I can never get enough🎶

-Did I change the channel before I turned the TV off so Nate won't know I was watching Bravo network?

-I'm should go home and refuel with a protein smoothie or Lil' C's or something

-Am I skinny with toned legs yet?

You know how people say "those who can't do, teach?" Or maybe people don't say that I dunno, but it was in the Wedding Planner - the one with J.Lo and Matthew McConaughey? And she's all, "those who can't do, teach. And those who can't wed, plan." Or something like that. For me, it's all about, those who can't run, walk. I just made that up right now because apparently those who can't wrap up a blog post, keep writing anyway in a nonsensical manner.

All you runners out there keep running I WANNA BE YOU!

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