Thursday, March 23, 2017

Crazy Eyes Maycee

A long time ago I tried watching Orange is the new Black right? I got a couple episodes in until one ended with a character named Crazy Eyes peeing on the floor. On purpose. After that I just was like nope sorry, this isn't for me. Not my kinda tv. But the nickname 'Crazy Eyes' stood out to me because it reminded me of my dog Maycee. I love her so much and she's so cute and so pretty, and so good but bless her heart, she's just not that photogenic. She has crazy eyes in photos, guys. And sometimes you just never know what kind of eyes you're gonna get.

Firstly, Maycee's stank-eye is the one you'll (or mostly me) see most. This is her absolute go to. Ask her to move out of the way so you can get by? Stank eye. Ask her to get off the bed? Stank eye. Ask her to lay down before you feed her? Stank eye. She's like a perpetual teenager that's pissed off whenever you tell her to do something.
"Serving face" is a thing these days right? Homegirl serves an awful lotta face.

My uncle told me once after he received our Christmas card, that my dog "looked like a serial killer."
I meeeaaaaannnn, maybe maybe not? ...She just has really intense eyes, ok? And perhaps that intensity can be mistaken for pre-meditated murder. Potato Po-tah-to.

Maycee also has hunting eyes. These are the eyes she makes when she's ready to go fetch something dead falling from the sky (Birds. They're usually birds, don't get crazy).
There's also her post-hunting eyes - the kind of eyes that beam with satisfaction because she just fetched something dead falling from the sky (again, typically birds. Don't get crazy).
She also has these, "I'm over this" eyes which typically occur any time I try to snuggle, love, or take a picture of her.
"Can you quit taking pictures and throw my damn ball pls thx"
"Make it stop. Please make it stop"

Also can't forget the begging eyes...
Begging eyes usually make their appearance every morning between the hours of 6 and 8, or in the evenings between the hours of like 5 and 7. Or when you're eating your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Snack time usually too she hangs around. So like, any time of the day really.

She makes her happy eyes when she's got her face out the window with a cool breeze blowing...
Or when she's smelling all the smells a hiking trail has to offer:
No matter the type of crazy eyes Maycee might be serving you, one thing's for sure -  they're always gonna be intense. But that's why we love her. She's an intense betch.

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  1. Oh my lord this is hilarious! The Christmas card picture just absolutely kills me.




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