Monday, August 15, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

You wanna hear something funny? So a few years ago Nate made a bow and arrow out of PVC pipe at a family friends' house and he loved it right? He thought it was the coolest thing. So tonight, I'm watching him grab his police bags and uniforms and stuff, getting ready to load his truck for work and he has this bow made out of PVC pipe in his hands. So (naturally) I'm like, "What are you doing with that?" And he responded, "I'm protecting the city with it tonight."


...and we laughed and laughed and it was funny.

Anyway, if the first paragraph of this post is any indication of how the rest of it is gonna go, I'm guessing it'll be unimportant, a little all over the place, and probably not as funny to you, as it is to me. But hey, unimportant, all over the place, and 'you had to be there' is sort of the usual for my every day. Speaking of, since we're talking about the usual - if I'm texting with someone or something and I want to abbreviate "usual," how do I spell it? My coworker and I thought "uhje," but then my mom texted me this weekend and typed "ushe." How do I spell it you guys?

Also, I have another real, legit, very important question that I need a real answer to...
What is it?? What happens?? How do I stop?? You wanna know what kinds of other questions I ask myself on the reg?
-Can I write a blog post without a glass of wine?
-If I turn this fan off will Nate notice? (the answer is usually always yes)
-How bad does that stuff on my to-do list really need to get done
-What page are the heart emojis on again
-Seriously where is my other shoe

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? I once had dreams of being an olympic gymnast. I would practice my balance beam routines on the brick between mine and my neighbors house when I was a kid. I would tumble around in my backyard. I don't mean to brag but like, I won some ribbons and stuff a couple times sooo...

It's clear this post is going nowhere so I'll just end it right here. Truth is, I was going to try and do like a summer catch up kind of post but then I got lazy (literally my problem for everything) and didn't want to have to gather/organize pictures into a post so I instead opted for whatever this was. So, if you made it all the way down here to the bottom thanks for sticking around while I get these bloggy juices flowing again!!

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