Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 Things I Want to Know But Was Too Afraid to Ask

Do you ever want to ask a question but you feel like maybe the answer is common knowledge, so you don't end up asking your question because you don't want to look stupid? This is actually a daily struggle for me as I sit through meetings at work, for example; I'm like wait what's that? Wait when did we start doing that? But I can't say anything 'cause people would be like helloooo Carissa you've worked here for like 2 1/2 years now you should know this by nowwwwww. So anyway, here's ten things (unrelated to work) I really want to know but was too afraid to ask....

1.) Is Meek Mill a person or a place?

2.) Is "boojie" an insult or a compliment?

3.)  How many different types of backs are there in football and are these made up things? H-back? Nickel-back (lol Nickelback)? Devil-back? Slot-back? Tardar Sauce-back? Moons-over-my-hammy-back?

4.) Who is Becky with the good hair?

5.) Why are you allowed to fight in hockey but "tripping" is a penalty?

6.) What's with the Arthur memes and why are these suddenly a thing?

7.) How do you say "gif?" Is it with a hard "g" or more like "jiff?"

8.) Who determines the "National ____ Day" calendar? Is there like, a designated point person or do we have different parties sitting in cubicles across the nation making up different calendars willy nilly? Because I feel like we're not all on the same page here and I don't have the discipline to resist National Margarita Day like three times a week it feels like.

9.) How many times do you wear a pair of jeans before washing them? (asking for a friend)

10.) Can we please make #MCM and #WCW stop? Or at least like, create some ground rules here? Your man and/or woman crush cannot be the same crush every. single. week. You cannot post a #MCM or #WCW after you reach the age of 21. Your #MCM or #WCW must be in the form of a puppy...preferably playing with any assortment of toys and/or swimming. Let's think about it and regroup next week Mmmk?

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  1. I am all for #mcm puppy version!!
    And can people please stop posting their spouse every week? Like, ummm, we know! ;)



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