Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekending: Canyon Lake (and a few other things) Edition

Ok you guys, I had a really fun weekend. And because I had a fun weekend, it makes me wanna blog about it. So here I am. Blogging. Also, I'm two glasses in of Sauvignon Blanc (spell check has to help me every time on that one) which also puts me in a blogging mood.

A good Friday always makes the weekend feel longer, and I indeed had a good Friday this week. I met up with my dear friend Jennica from Strawberries and Wine and we ate sushi and ice cream and drank wine and watched movies.
Sushi is a new thing for me. Jennica got me into it, and she still orders for me cause I don't know what anything is...I just know it tastes good. I tell her I don't want like, the really raw stuff (or else I'll gag) but I love shrimp and crab and she picks out the stuff and orders it. That's a good friend if you ask me. Friends don't let friends order sushi if they don't know what things are. Is that a grammatically correct sentence? Sounds weird. ...You know what else sounds weird that really isn't? Wine and ice cream. I know you're supposed to pair your wine with like, chicken or fish or like, an actual meal or something, but really it goes fantastic with a pint of ice cream. Then again I often count ice cream as an "actual meal" so it works out.

Saturday I spent the day at Canyon Lake with my family. There was swimming, and floaties, and kayaks, and fishing poles. And it was fun.

K but really, what is this face and why was I making it all day long??

Also, what is this face??

Stage 5 clingers:

Stage 5 creeper:

Stage 5 lovers:
Ugh, sorry. That was inappropriate.

Can you spot my mom and I?

Yaks on 'yaks on 'yaks...

Oh also, there was this guy that jumped 115 feet off a cliff and almost died and Nate had to rescue him and save his life.
True story.
Nate was fishing in his 'yak nearby when the guy jumped and landed wrong, and since no one in the guys' party was helping him (cause they're idiots), Nate went over, grabbed the guy, dragged (drug?) him in with one hand, and paddled with the other to shore and carried him up to flat ground. He ordered someone to call 911 and the guy had to be evacuated via helicopter with a collapsed sternum and a punctured lung. So you know, just another day in the life of Nate...saving cliff jumpers lives bad landing at a time.

Sunday, I hung out with my dear friend Charlene all day and we swam, and tanned (err, burned mostly, but it'll turn to a tan I promise), and floated, and had a fantastic day in the pool.
No one's life had to be saved. Which was good considering Nate wasn't with us and he's the expert life saver, obviously. I've never had to save anyone's life before. Maybe that should be a disclaimer when I hang out with people... "Listen, if anything happens and your life needs to be saved, I might need to just call Nate real quick cause he's the expert life-saver."

So you know, a really good weekend always makes Monday that much harder. Especially when you're like 4 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc in, and it's taken you double the time to finish this blog post than it should' might be a rough Monday.

Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. holy crap, crazy story about the cliff diver. ALSO, can we be real life friends? Your weekend looks great, love the kayak pics. I've never kayaked, but that looks super fun!

  2. Ah such a fun weekend! Loved the stage 5 clinger, creeper, and lovers! I about died laughing! Oh and when you come to Florida we are getting sushi. And I can order for you too:)

  3. You seriously have the funnest weekends and i dont care that funnest isnt a word

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend :] I’m so jealous of how often you go to the lake!

  5. Hi! Loving every single pic in this post!!! Also, talenti gelato is MY JAM! Invite me next time to pummel gelato in my mouth and help consume wine. Thanks. Bye.

  6. I wanna eat sushi and ice cream and drink booze and watch movies!!!! INVITE ME NEXT TIME!

  7. Wow that is crazy and so lucky that he was there and able to help that guy!! I thought I was fancy for helping out at a car accident this weekend but no one was even hurt. Also I love that in almost all of the pictures from Saturday there are legs in the air hahaha

  8. Hahaha, these pictures cracked me up!! What is this face and why was I making it all weekend?? Looks like such a fun time!

  9. Oh that is so crazy about that cliff jumper! People are crazy!

  10. I'm getting in the car, driving there, and invading your fun life.
    the end.



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