Monday, July 14, 2014

5 Ways Catfish the TV Show is Like Catfishing in Real Life

At least 3-4 times a week when Kailey and Brianna and I are texting, someone says "Guys, what should I blog about?" The answers usually consist of things like "Why does my yoga mat smell like feet?," "Reasons Carissa should get a new yoga mat," "The texture of Quinoa pasta," "How you might bathe in ice cream"...and so on and so forth. But every once in a while, once of us has a good idea (not to say the aforementioned aren't good ideas, of course). And yesterday it was Kailey who had that good idea and so I'm stealing it. But we're friends so we share intellectual copyrights (i.e. I can steal her ideas - or at least use her answers when I ask "Guys, what should I blog about?").

5 Ways Catfish the TV show is Like Catfishing in Real Life
(...or, I went catfishing this weekend and this is my way to avoid a typical 'weekend recap' post)
Disclaimer: if you haven't seen Catfish the TV show, Google it now or else the rest of this post won't make sense

1.) What you think you've got, isn't always what you got
Anyone who meets people online knows the risk that the person on the other side of the computer screen might not actually be the person they say they are (hey, there was a time when I thought Kailey and/or Brianna might be a middle-aged man with a beer gut and uneven sideburns). But you might say the same when it comes to fishing for real catfish. It feels like there's a bite on your line - is it a catfish? Or Is it tree branches caught in a tangled mess? Or Is your line snagged underneath a rock?  You never know until you reel that sucker in.

2.) You stay up all night trying to make a connection
Catfish feed at night, thus requiring you to stay up all night in case you get a bite. I've never online dated, but you can't tell me virtual booty calls happen at 1 in the afternoon right?

 3.) It might drive you to drink
The guy you've been talking to online is not actually a guy?? That catfish swam by, nabbed your bait, and kept on swimming leaving your hook bait-less there in the water??
Drink up buttercup.
Although for the record, I don't need a tragedy to make me drink wine. I do that on my own free will.

4.) Size matters
Little fish:

Big Fish:

5.) Often times you have to travel to meet your catfish face to face
A lot of people are making connections with catfish who live miles and miles away from them, requiring travel in order to meet anyone in person. Bartlett Lake is like, an hour from where I live, so you know, I have to drive there. And catfish migrate and stuff (right?). So that counts as traveling too.

5.) Stink bait
There's this putty that you can use as bait for catfish, and the stuff smells terrible. Like, horrible. I feel like if ever you're in a relationship(ish) with someone you met online and you start to get a feeling that they're a fake and you start to notice all these red flags, you should call stink bait. Like, we should make that a thing. Like, the person isn't covering their tracks and they're being a bad catfish (or, would they be the catfisher?) - they're a stink bait. I just made all that up but I feel like it could work. Let's make "stink bait" happen k guys? ...the saying, not the actual act of tricking someone online into thinking you're someone you're not. Ugh, you know what I mean.

6.) Sometimes, things might actually work out.
You might catch a catfish. You might catch a human (the right human). Sometimes the odds are ever in your favor.

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  1. I had just heard about this show (and term actually) a few weeks ago - so I knew what you were talking about without having to Google! ;) haha

  2. YES! I love this so much. virtual booty call bahaha PLUS 10 FOR YOU



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