Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Rewind Part Un

Hey guys.
It's me. Carissa.
You may not remember me, since I basically haven't been around for the whole month of December.

...And on that note, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your guys' well wishes and support on my last post (technically I guess it'd be the post before last, but who's really counting?)
The blogging community and blog friends are some of the best support and encouragement a girl can find, am I right?! So thank you to everyone who reached out, 
it really makes me feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside (insert smiley face emoji with hearts in its eyes here).

Sometimes crappy things happen and all your bloggy ju-ju is gone, and then sometimes you have meaningful conversations with the right people and you feel better and you feel things are moving forward, and suddenly you also feel your bloggy ju-ju start to come back. 

And that's where I'm at.

That said, I'm going to try and cram a months worth of action into a couple days since the new year is right around the corner (say whaaaat?!).

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you:
...Part Un (that's "one" for all you non french speakers out there)

Earlier in the month my parents, and Nate and I went to the Scottsdale Princess Resort for their annual Christmas at the Princess celebrations. It was lovely, and beautiful, and Christmas-y, and I for one, enjoyed pretending like I'm rich enough to hang out at the Princess on the reg.
Maybe someday.

We went for the ice skating since, last year we tried out the rink at City Skate in downtown Phoenix and wanted a change of scenery this year.
We got both a change of scenery and a change of heart in that my mom decided she would actually try ice skating this year.

Breaking news: she survived!

Granted, she clung to the railing for a good part of the night, but this Michigander sure got the hang of it by the end of the night.
In fact, we voted, and by unanimous decision (well except for my dad), determined that she was actually better than my dad, who skated last year.
He'll probably actually disagree with that, but he paid for dinner so we didn't protest too much.
Speaking of dinner...
after we finished ice skating we enjoyed some Mexican food (and drink(s)!) outside at one of the resort restaurants with our own fire pit thing-y with marbles instead of charcoal...or whatever else you use for a contained fire.
You know things are getting fancy when your fire has marbles in it. 
That, and when your dinner comes it's the size of an appetizer.
Why, the more expensive the restaurant the more chincy (sp?) the portions??
Me no likey.
...the portions, not the food. Or drinks. Me likey the drinks.

After dinner we walked around the resort and looked at all their Christmas lights on display, watched a humongous, flashing, musical Christmas tree light up to Christmas music, and enjoyed a few 
more cocktails.
Or hot chocolate and Bailey's.
Or both.  

After we finished enjoying all the Christmas-y goodness of the resort we stopped and looked at Christmas lights on the way home...of which I only took one picture:
Buuuut I'm pretty sure that's the only picture we need right??

I have Christmas tree hunting, Christmas day, and other miscellaneous December-ness coming, so don't touch that remote!
...kidding, this isn't television. Or a cheesy 90's infomercial. 
If I was really concerned I suppose I could say, don't touch that mouse! Or track pad! 
But I'm really not that concerned.
This entire paragraph really, was uncalled for.
Sometimes I have a hard time ending blog posts, and I feel like that's becoming obvious right now.

Sooooo, bye!

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  1. I HATE it when you pay a grip for an appetizer sized plate of food. It's really annoying!!
    But everything else looks like it was fun! I'll take one of those drinks right about now....too early?? ;)

  2. Glad to see you back mam!! Also I went through the same not wanting to blog over the past 2 months...taking time off from it helps!

  3. That resort is beautiful!!! And looks like a great December! I love looking at Christmas lights! Ice Skating, not so much, but go Carissa's mom!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous of your ice skating adventure!!! I've actually never been but if you're gonna go, I have to say that doing it by palm trees is WINNING! haha



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