Monday, December 30, 2013

December Rewind Part Deux

In an effort to knock out as much of December 2013 as I can before 2014 arrives, I give you:
...Part deux (that's "two" for all you non french speakers out there)
Check out Part Un here

One of the most feverish debates of the holiday season is your Christmas tree:
Real or fake?

In the Townsend household it's really not a debate. Real tree's the way to be.
All day errry day. If it were up to Nate however, it'd be a fake tree. ...Good thing it's not up to him. We took it a step further this year and instead of opting for just a real tree, we (and when I say "we" I really mean me) decided to actually go cut one down from the forest.
I dubbed it:

Operation Townsend Tree Acquisition
In order to successfully complete this mission you'll need a few items:

1.) Security clearance from the government
i.e. a permit from the Forest Service

2.) A topography report
i.e. a map detailing where Christmas tree cutting is permitted
...provided by yours truly, the Forest Service 

3.) Special intelligence
i.e. what species of trees are permitted to be taken

4.) Dogs, to track the scent of your desired Christmas tree
Just kidding, I don't think that's really a thing.
We just brought ours so they could have a fun day. 

After walking...and walking...and walking, and seeing nothing but Ponderosa Pines, we finally stumbled on this beaut of a Spruce tree. Seemingly the only one in the entire Sitgreaves National Forest.
And since Ponderosa's aren't very Christmas tree-like, we didn't hesitate in taking the axe to the Spruce.
And when I saw "we" I really mean Nate.
And when I say axe I really mean hand saw.
Cause Nate, was sans power tools.
If you looked up the word "manly" in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of Nate cutting down a tree in the Forest and hauling it out on his shoulder.
Kind of like you see above.

Manly men for the win.

Anywho, to make a long story short, you saw the before, now here's the after:
It's crooked, and really bushy on the bottom, and too big for our living room, but I don't even care cause we searched, and chopped, and transported it all by ourselves.
And when I say "ourselves" I really mean mostly Nate.
I mean, I helped with the searching, but he did all the chopping...and all the other hard work involved.

Real trees for the win.

Operation Townsend Tree Acquisition was a success.

 photo townsend-sig_zpsd6f7a124.jpg


  1. I love this!! We have a fake tree. Where did you go? This is soo pretty.

  2. Your tree was HUGE! So cute that you took the doggers with you! :)

  3. Cute. I love the picture of him carrying it.

  4. those dogs are so darn photogenic!! I love the tree :)



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