Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Less Than Thrilling Weekend

Do you want to know how fantastic my weekend was?

I never put any make-up on. Not even once.

I took a nap on both Saturday and Sunday.

I ate Chinese food.

I drank wine.

I paid bills.

I watched football.

I watched baseball.

Aaaaaand that about sums it up.

Naturally, based on all the above-mentioned, I have no fancy pictures to show for it.
You're probably like, why is this girl even posting about her weekend if it was boring and doesn't even include pictures?
I really don't have a good answer for that.

Oh, actually, I got to hang out with my niece this weekend too. And I do have a picture of that.
No matter how the rest of this post goes down, it's all OK now cause we have a picture of Miley.
She's just the cutest.

I also really wanted to tell you all about the cuh-ray-zee ASU vs. Wisconsin football game that went down on Saturday, but truth be told, I really have no idea what happened. It doesn't seem like the media does either, with headlines containing words like, "bizarre final play," "controversial ending," "strange finish," etc. etc. ASU won and that's all that matters. Everything else is something like, 18 seconds left, QB did nor did not take a knee, whistle may or may not have been blown, all while the clock ran out and we won by 2.
Google the rest, it's fine.

And that's all I got for today.

Go easy on me Monday, would ya?

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  1. I agree that sometimes those lazy weekends where nothing happens are the BEST. Sometimes you just need to relax and having NOTHING important to do :)

  2. Ok - I just read your about me and I am OBSESSED with it! You are seriously hilarious! Also, the fact that you two have been together for so long is soooo awesome! Love it love it love it!

  3. I love no make up weekends!! Those are the best haha

  4. My weekend was the same...except I did put on meh..suck fest weekends!

  5. I love no makeup days! Today I am just not putting it on! So glad your weekend was nice and relaxing!!

  6. sounds about like my weekend. lots of booze and Chinese food. I had to work sat so i had to put on make up yuck :(

  7. i hate putting on makeup. so that is a win to me!!

  8. Sounds like my kind of weekend! No makeup for the win!

    1. For the win for SURE!! ...btw, it looks like you're back to no-reply =( may want to take a peak at it!

  9. Staying in your pj's/lounge clothes all weekend long is one of my favorite things to do. I need to write that down in my calendar for one of these coming up weekends, because I've been too dang busy!

    I wish I could talk about football with you, but that means that I'd actually have to enjoy the sport. ;)



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