Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gunther and Me: A Comparative Analysis

You wanna know what my husband said to me the other night?

We were getting ready for bed and he was standing at the doorway of our (semi) walk-in(ish) closet unloading his pockets. I needed to get past him to hang something up so I tried to sneak in behind him so he wouldn't have to move for me. But because I have awesome timing, I slid in behind him right at the moment he turned to exit the closet and we ran into each other.

He gave me a look of exasperation and goes, "You're like Gunther - you're always in the way."

The dog.

Let me back up a little bit.
One of Gunther's nicknames is Visa...cause he's everywhere you want to be.


I suppose you can't blame him. 
Gunny is a good dog and just wants to hang out with you and be wherever you are. Which also means, whenever you're trying to get somewhere (e.g. the living room, or the kitchen, or even simply trying to make it through the hallway) Gunther is always there.
Right at your feet.
You may even trip over him a time or two. 
Or three.

So when Nate compares me to the dog, at first I wanted to be like, 
"Umm, rude??"

In my defense, our house is small, so with two humans and two labs, it's kind of hard not to be on top of each other all the time.

But then I thought, you know, Nate might be on to something here.
Cause Gunther and me, we're alike in a lot of ways.

We both love to snuggle - both with Nate, and with each other

We both shed
...at least that's what Nate says.
Read it HERE

We both get really excited when it's dinner time

We both love a good Celine Dion ballad 

Often times we both sit next to Nate and wait for him to give us attention...

We both do yoga...together

We're both pretty good at wasting time when there's other things we know we should be doing.
...like cleaning the house, or Gunther picking up his own poop.
He really should learn how to do that.

We craft together

Sometimes we fight over the same real estate on the bed

And last but not least, per my husband...we're always in his way.
It's whatevs though.
How could you be mad at a face like this?

Or this?


  1. You are just too cute! Our dogs are the same way! Especially in the kitchen...they just never seem to know where they should be!

  2. oh my goodness.
    i've been literally laughing out loud this WHOLE time. i just got a great dane and he is everrryyyywhereeee!
    i just posted a video on facebook of him letting himself into the bathroom. yeah, he can open doors. haha this is so awesome. dog lovers unite.

  3. This is so darn cute! I love that I have a dog now and I can finally relate!! Love this!

    1. Yay!! I love that you have a dog too...and she's pretty dang cute too!! =)

  4. This post makes me want to get a dog.
    Thank you for that. ;D

  5. this is so cute! our dog is the same way...only he's a little ball of fur... (a shih tzu maltese)i never realized how much we were alike :) lol love this post! cracking up!



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