Sunday, October 14, 2012

That One Time I Opened My Husband's Mail

Does it make me a bad wife that I opened my husband's mail?
...Lemme back up..

Last week there were two packages that came in the mail addressed to my husband. Since he was out of town and wasn't gonna be home for a few days, and because I'm nosy and curious and selfish, and didn't want to wait until he got home to find out what was in it and why he was getting packages and not me...I decided to open them.

In it I found a bunch of snacks and goodies for Nate...and a couple cards thanking him for his service to our country and for being a U.S. Soldier.

Well shoot.
Now I look pretty bad. 

It's nice to know people are thinking about our troops on just a regular day. Not Veteran's day, not Memorial day, not the 4th of July...just a regular day.

And it's nice to know there are wives out there that intercept these packages and open them before their veteran husband, whom they're addressed to, can get to them. 

I'm thinking I might lose some votes in my campaign for Military Spouse of the year on this one.


  1. I open my hubby's mail all the time (with the same reasoning as you too...what is he getting and why am I not getting anything?!). In that case I would have wrapped everything up in a box w/wrapping paper and told him it came in the mail, that way you wouldn't spoil HIS surprise and it would be EXTRA special being wrapped up. Sometimes you gotta pick yourself up from your mistakes :)

    1. Ooo love that idea!! Haha!...I'll make a mental note! =)

  2. I open my babes mail too.. I would be pretty pumped if I opened packages and found this stuff! Score for you! :)

  3. I will admit I would open my hubby's packages too. The saying "curiosity killed the cat", is very much true in my case. I am one of the nosiest people ever!

    On another note, how sweet and thoughtful for someone to send your husband those packages. If anything, I am taking away from this post that I should care more about my troops to send a thank you anytime, not just the holidays. :)

    Thank you to your husband for his service and continued sacrifices.

    1. Thanks Jessyka! I'll make sure and tell him! =)



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