Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's kind of amazing how much you can get done in one day when you wake up early enough.

1.) Go to breakfast with your family that's in from out of town
2.) Go to church
3.) Go to Pook's house to meet her new puppy Henry and drop off a kennel for him
4.) Write a paper
5.) Put together a Power Point presentation for said paper
6.) Do laundry

...Too bad that was last Sunday.

Today I slept til 10:30, ate some cinnamon rolls, watched TV...aaaand that about covers it.
Oh wait, and I went to Sonic for happy hour, for my Route 44 Diet Coke with cherry and easy ice.

I was hoping the Cardinals played today, cause when there's a football game on to watch I feel like that kind of justifies a lazy, oober unproductive day. 

You know, how people post on their Facebook or Instagram or whatever, and they're all like "lazy day...perfection" or "football Sunday and naps" or something like that with a picture of their boyfriend/husband/dog sleeping and a cup of coffee or something? 
It makes a lazy oober unproductive day look totally OK and justified, right?

The Cardinals weren't on though. 
They play tomorrow.
And ASU already played yesterday.
But I don't wanna talk about that.

So I watched Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, a car get towed across the street, and some trashy reality TV I'd rather not admit to watching.
So even though I can't really make it look like a good thing via Facebook or level (or lack thereof) of productivity today was totally justified in my head.

Speaking of productivity...
This just in:
Nate killed a buck on Friday, the day after he left for his hunt, and his buddy Dan-o killed a buck on Saturday:
 That's pretty productive if you ask me.   

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