Monday, May 9, 2011


As I was leaving work today, making my usual beeline for the time clock, I passed a man standing near the refrigerated soft drinks that required me to do a double take. No, I did not look twice at him for his dashing middle-aged man-ness, nor his receding hairline, or even his frontal orb of a beer belly. But rather, for these bad boys:

What are these?? Are these shoes? Ultra durable toe socks? Gloves…but for your feet? I am so confused. I wanted to stare for a minute to satisfy my curiosity but I couldn’t have him flatter himself thinking I wanted a piece of that or something (Insert Joey Tribbiani's “How YOU doin?” here). I mean, what look are they even going for with this footwear?…if you can even call it that. Because I’m pretty sure that guys feet looked like the foot of some sort of reptile, or Avatar, or amphibious creature that should be hopping from lily pad to lily pad in some endangered rainforest somewhere. But alas, here he was, at my place of employment, nowhere near any large bodies of water, small ponds, or flying mountain banshees.    

I guess some questions we’re just never meant to know the answer to.       


  1. BAHAHAHAH!!!!! Thats what I had to do when I saw Adam Burton come out of the hotel.... in VAIL, CO... in the SNOW... with those funky rubber toes on!! lol!! I think people use them to "Toe Run" like in the olden days! haha

  2. My boyfriend has those. The brand is Vibriam if they are legit. They are called Five Finger shoes. They are so strange and according to my boyfriend, they take a while to get used to. We call them all-you-can-do-shoes because apparently that's what you can do in them. He loves them and there has been a huge spike in their trendiness here in Chicago. Apparently they're all the rage in Europe...just another thing we steal from them and pass as our own.



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