Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet Bucky

Bucky is the Coues Whitetail that Nate killed last fall and now, the newest member of the Townsend household.

Bucky is from Sonoita Arizona, but is now enjoying his new residence in the East Valley. Bucky enjoys long perches on the wall, staring contests, and the quiet game. He loves to provide 24 hour surveillance of the living room, cast funky shadows on the floor that will startle you if you're not paying attention, and psychologically torture Maycee. ...we're working on that one (bad bucky). Bucky takes great pride in his delicious taste. ...and believe me, he tastes good!

Nate's been admiring him since he brought him home on Saturday: talking to him, "Oh hey deer!", circling him from all angles, "yep, this is definitely his best side", and thanking him for letting him take him home, "Thanks deer for letting me kill you." Presh.

Welcome home Bucky, welcome home

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