Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T is for Townsend

T is for Townsend
            One Nathan and one Carissa. We’ve been married since April 4, 2009. We’ve been together since the 8th grade. True story. I had a schoolgirl crush on him in, like, 6th grade, but it was like a, too-scared-to-talk-to-him-so-I’ll-just-admire-him-from-afar kind of crush. My courage really blossomed in junior high, which is evident by the start of our relationship coming in the form of note-passing during church service. Bravery has never been my best attribute.

O is for Our totally awesome dogs
            Maycee and Gunther are our two labs, representing the Townsend name for the animal kingdom! And they’re totally awesome. Maycee is noisy, competitive, and hates to be smothered (which is a bummer for me). Gunther is very bouncy, gives awesome high fives, and loves to be smothered (upgrade!). Sometimes I find them snuggling together in the back yard, sunbathing, and I feel warm and fuzzy inside. But that all goes away when they dig in my trash can later and sprinkle particles of garbage all over the house. Can’t win ‘em all right?

W is for “We interrupt this marriage to bring you hunting season.”
            My husband is a hunter. He hunts. Like, a lot. I’m talking, our prime-time television programming consists of Eastman’s Hunting, Buckmaster’s, and absolutely anything else that comes on the Outdoor Network. He shot a deer last November, and also a javelina in February (yeah, he’s pretty BA). Both of which he’s getting mounted and will soon sit on my living room wall. I told him he should get them taxidermy’d with their mouths smiling. He wasn’t havin’ it. He also won’t let me hang candy canes from its antlers for Christmas, or decorate them appropriate to each season and/or holiday. Rain on my parade…      

 N is for neutral colors
            Last year Nate and I were fortunate enough to become first time homeowners! And if it were entirely up to me, my house would be decorated with the pinkest of pinks and we would be sleeping under a reversible comforter with big huge polka dots on one side and argyle on the other (so it would be double the awesome-ness)…with lace and frills along the edges. BUT, since this is a CO-habitation, and I SUPPOSE this marriage does consist of two people, I’ve had to settle for neutral earth tones these days…like the ones you might find in the wilderness…where you might be hunting. I’ve been warming up to lots of shades of green these days. Hey at least I got my sunflower guest bathroom…talk about awesome-ness.    

 S is for Suns
            Nate and I are big Phoenix Suns fans! I was bummed when they traded Raja Bell (let’s be honest, he’s pretty easy on the eyes). But then got happy when they traded Shaq. I say, as long as no one trades Steve Nash I’ll be in good shape. As soon as Nash goes, well, that will be the day the music dies. But that Jared Dudley, he’s pretty BA. …Go Suns!

E is for entertainment
            We have a running joke that Nate knows EVERY song that comes on the radio. And since his super cool smart phone can download songs for free, just about ALL those songs are currently sitting in his library. So we play games in order for him to “musically educate” me where he plays one and I try and guess who is singing it. But what’s even better is that Nate makes up his own lyrics to the songs (insert, “blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night” here). And if you’re really lucky he makes up his own raps. Mostly just about how Maycee is black, or that Gunther is gay. Except Gunther really isn’t gay (all male dogs hump other male dogs right?). But Maycee, yeah she’s pretty black.   
 N is for nutrients, or lack thereof, rather
            You see, my sweet tooth…well, it will be the death of me. And the problem is, I have no sense of portion control. And the even bigger problem is, Nate is quite the polar opposite. The only “sweets” that Nate occasionally eats are Reese’s peanut butter cups, cheesecake, and strawberry ice cream. He’ll buy a 12 pack of Reese’s to munch on over time and have one for dessert here, or one for a snack there. But the problem I have is if it’s in the house, I will eat it. That means Nate might get 2 Reese’s deep into the package, and the next time he wants one, they’re long gone. Or by the time he’s in the mood for a slice of cheesecake…cheesecake?? Oh you mean the one I finished in one sitting last weekend?? You snooze you lose pal.
D is for Dang. God has blessed us with a pretty sweet life.     



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